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everything remotely possible™ General Function Valve Pack Our General Function Valve Packs are the most compact and lightweight available. Loaded with functionality, solenoid, proportional or mixed valve configurations and driven by a powerful, fully configurable digital control system, these are the perfect choice for ROV and tooling applications. The small size and weight of these valve packs are achieved by building most of the functionality directly into the manifold body, thus avoiding many stacking ‘sandwich’ type valves. The heart of the system uses Sub-Atlantic’s unique flow/PO Check Cartridge that combines a unidirectional flow controller and a pilot operated check valve. Typical operation includes manipulator functioning, adjustable torque tools, pan & tilt units, subsea robotics etc. The small size and weight of these units make them additionally suitable for smaller electric ROV’s where space and payload are a premium. FEATURES PRESSURE AND FLOW • 6, 8, 12 & 16 station versions • Solenoid and / or Proportional Valves • Wandfluh NG3 Valve Reliability • Extremely Compact and Lightweight • Manual or Prop. Pressure Reduction • Externally Adjustable Flow Control • Externally Adjustable Line Relief • Removable/Configurable PO Check Valves • Powerful Serial Control System • Hardware or GUI Control with Diagnostics • Pressure tolerant Electronics • Pressure & Water Ingress Sensors • Fully Captive Cover Screws • Tested to 6,000 Metres / 20,000 feet • Various connector options. • 280 Bar max input pressure @ 40 LPM max input flow rate. • 15 LPM max per solenoid valve. • 8 LPM max per proportional valve. PRESSURE REDUCING VALVE Input pressure on our valve packs is controlled between 0 to 280 Bar by a Pressure Reducing Valve. This can be manually operated or proportionally controlled for remote pressure control. Pressure sensors can also be fitted to monitor the supply and return galleries. SOLENOID OR PROPORTIONAL CONTROL VALVES Valve packs incorporate high reliability ‘Wandfluh NG3 mini’ 4 way/ 3 position solenoid or proportional spool valves (solenoid and proportional can be mixed in a single pack to customer specification).

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everything remotely possible™ General Function Valve Pack PILOT OPERATED CHECK AND FLOW CONTROL VALVES INCREASED DIAGNOSTIC FEEDBACK Each valve station incorporates two unique removable cartridges providing PO check and flow control functionality in both flow directions. The PO check provides leak-free load holding and the ball can be simply removed if a particular check function is not required (one or both directions). The externally adjustable, fine Flow Controllers provide precise flow control down to zero on each valve return line and free flow on the pressure line, allowing each...

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