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everything remotely possible™ FORUM SUBSEA TECHNOLOGIES Valve Pack This extremely compact servo valve pack weighs only 15 kg / 33 lb in sea and provides precise control of propulsion thrusters on underwater vehicles. The pack incorporates eight 77 LPM (20 USGM) rated servo-valves that provide low pressure drop on most standard ROV applications. The use of this pack in conjunction with Sub-Atlantics efficient thrusters and Hydraulic Power Units will produce an unbeatable propulsion solution with regards to reliability, efficiency and cost. The valves can also be used to control any tool requiring a variable speed or reversible function. • A PCB controlled version of the Servo valve pack is also available. Please ask a Sub-Atlantic sales advisor for more details. MAX INPUT FLOW RATE 350 LPM DEPTH RATING 6000 metres SUB-ATLANTIC PART NUMBERS • Servo Valve Pack - 8 Station • Drawing Number: 6385-GA (Please note that part numbers vary in accordance to valve and connector options)

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everything remotely possible™ 8 Station Servo Valve Pack PRESSURE REDUCING VALVE TEMPERATURE SENSOR There is an adjustable Pressure Relief Valve which provides system protection by venting to the return gallery in the event of compensated pump control failure. Unless specified otherwise, the standard setting for the valve is 230 bar (based on 210 system pressure). A PT100 sensor is fitted in the return gallery SOFT START OR PUMP UNLOADING VALVE Option 1 – Soft Start Valve that opens the pressure and return galleries until the system pump is started at which point it automatically closes...

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