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everything remotely possible™ Tomahawk™ Observation ROV The Cutting Edge Technology of Tomorrow - Delivered Today Tomahawk is the next generation of sub-Atlantic Observation ROV and platform for a range of new state of the art components. The ideal solution for fast but stable integrated missions. Its advanced and powerful subCAN control and diagnostics system aids and enhances survey capabilities plus other data collection. Tomahawk offers high reliability and adaptability within a small footprint for reduced deck space plus low capital and operational costs. • Designed for maximum payload, ease of access and maintenance • High power to weight ratio • 225 Kg Thrust / 3.5 Kt (nominal) • 175 Kg Payload with generous open deck space & access • subCAN control for power management & advanced diagnostics • Easy access transformer/capacitor/fuse/thruster pod • Oil filled survey/comms JB for rapid expansion of options • Dual Port GigaByte Ethernet, CWDM, HD solutions • Standard system comes with CWDM for increased telemetry capacity • Survey, navigation and threat detection skids • 12 or 16 Station General Function Valve Pack • Twin 5 Function heavy Duty Manipulator option • Cutting/Jetting/ intervention and tooling skid options • Deepwater cage or Tophat TMS options with rear or top entry tether • Forward or reverse entry / exit from TMS • Statorshield flood protected thrusters

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everything remotely possible™ Tomahawk Observation ROV STANDARD SYSTEM EQUIPMENT Tomahawk has been developed for the following missions: high speed survey & geophysics, Inspection Repair & Maintenance (IRM), Drill and completion support / well intervention including fluid injection, AX/VX and torque tool capability. Light Intervention & construction, pre/post pipe & cable lay survey, touch- down monitoring and diver support tasks plus many other oil & gas, renewable Energy, civil engineering, military or scientific missions. • Communication Junction Box c/w 907Plus Multiplexer & •...

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