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everything remotely possible™ Comanche™ Observation ROV Work Class Solutions - Observation Class Benefits Comanche is the logical choice when seeking the ultimate ‘all round’ electric ROV. Offering a generous auxiliary hydraulic package for work class manipulation and tooling combined with an advanced and powerful control and diagnostics package for survey and other data collection missions, the Comanche offers high performance, high reliability and high adaptability combined with low capital & operational expenditure and reduced deck space - especially when compared to the alternatives. Comanche is currently at work globally in the Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Civil Engineering, Military, Scientific Research and Treasure Hunting sectors. • 2 x 7 Function Proportional Work Class Manipulator capability • Comprehensive Work Class Tooling options • High Powered Dredging, Jetting, Pumping and Cutting capability • 4 x Horizontal and 3 x Vertical 225lbf thrusters for tilt controlled lift capability • Up to 285 Kg Payload and diverse skid options • Garage TMS (long excursion) or Deep Live Boat operations • 2000m/3000m/6000m depth rated versions • subCAN control giving advanced diagnostics and set-up options on the fly • Multiple GigaByte Ethernet options • Full Survey/Mapping/Metrology Suite options • Full Dynamic Positioning / Inertial Navigation capabilities • Reduced Deck Footprint/ Air Transportable options

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everything remotely possible™ Comanche Observation ROV Comanche has been developed for the following missions and tasks: Construction IRM – cleaning, cutting, NDT. drill /rig / completion support & well intervention, e.g . AX/VX gasket change out, BOP shut down, fluid injection., hot stabbing, drilling and tapping. Additionally, survey including pre/post pipe/cable lay and touch-down monitoring, diver support, renewable energy, submarine/ maritime rescue, munitions search and recovery, scientific research and data/ sample collection plus numerous other missions. STANDARD SYSTEM EQUIPMENT...

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