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everything remotely possible™ Dirty Oil Pack (IHPU) This Dirty Oil Pack is an Isolated Hydraulic Power Unit (IHPU) that can be easily incorporated into a ROV hydraulic system to provide an isolated hydraulic supply for driving tooling and equipment that may potentially otherwise cause contamination to the main ROV hydraulic supply. The Unit is a fully self-contained circuit incorporating hydraulic motor, pressure compensated pump, compensated reservoir, pressure and return line filters and multiple inlet/outlet connection points. Hook-up to the ROV is quick and simple by connecting a supply, return and drain line to a ROV valve pack function. Specifications DEPTH RATING Full Ocean Depth SUB-ATLANTIC PART NUMBERS Rexroth A10VSO 18cc Pressure Compensated SAFETY VALVE Parker F1-25cc Fixed Displacement Adjustable Pressure Relief MAX OUTPUT FLOW @ 200 BAR 57.6 l/min RESERVOIR CAPACITY 2.7 litres (additional compensators available) MOTOR OPERATING PRESSURE REQUIREMENT MOTOR OPERATING FLOW REQUIREMENT ANALOGUE LEVEL SENSOR CONNECTOR (OPTIONAL) PRESSURE MANIFOLD OUTLETS 6 x ¾” SAE (3/4-18 UNF) and RETURN MANIFOLDS INLETS

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