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COMANCHE Small Work ROV System Our Comanche Work-Class electric ROV benefits from enhanced capabilities provided by a powerful control system, proportional work- class manipulator arms, tooling hydraulic system, generous payload capacity ■ Two 7 Function Work-Class Manipulator 20,000 Feet) Depth Ratings ■ Long, Small Diameter, Low Drag Tether ■ 15 kW / 20 HP Hydraulic Power Unit DCThrusters using Statorshield™ ■ Multiple Video Channels ■ Deep Live Boat orTMS Operation ■ New SubCan™ Control System Comanche incorporates a fully electric, seven thruster propulsion system, configured to provide high thrust and lifting capability. It uses a 3000 Volt, 400 Hz power transmission system from surface to ROV resulting in a small tether, main lift cable and launch/recovery system. This transmission system makes it particularly suited for long tether excursions and deep live-boating operations. Comanche is equipped with additional power sources to allow the use of a 15 kW / 20 hp hydraulic power unit for running tools and work skids and for rig support intervention tasks. When compared with hydraulic work-class systems, the Comanche provides important customer benefits with regard to capital and operational expenditure, simplicity of use and requires less deck space.

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Live Boat or TMS Operation The Comanche can be free-flown in live boating' mode or with our cage type TMS systems (see TMS data sheet). The small diametertetherallows long cable excursions. Compact Control Surface equipment consists 3 units ■ Surface Control Unit (SCU) - Hand Control Unit (HCU) ■ PDU (Power Distribution Unit). The SCU is generally supplied as a portable flight case system. Alternatively, the 8Ux 19" rack mount control module can besupplied loose for fitting into customers own control compactforoperation in small control spaces. The three unitsarelinked by interconnecting...

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Reliable Thrusters Comanche uses a 7 thruster configuration to provide maximum horizontal and vertical lifting capability. a 45 degree vectored configuration producing very high all round thrust. outward at front to clear the vehicle lower deck (leaving itfree of cut-outs in way of tools and skids) and a single pitch thrusteratthereartocounteract manipulator loading effects. reliability brushless DC thruster develops 100 kgf(220 Ibf) of static thrust in both directions. It incorporates our unique 'Statorshield™ technology that allows the thruster to continue working in the event of water...

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The Sub-CAN control system is a modular design based around the multi- drop network CAN (Controller Area Network). Modules can be added or taken away depending upon the control system requirements; providing commo- nality of parts and spares. Robust Communication Link Communication between the topsides software and the main sub-sea control (cyclic redundancy check) to ensure maximum robustness of communicated Increased Diagnostic The Sub-CAN control system provides diagnostic feedback of voltage, current and temperature on each individual con- trol system PCB as well as ground fault...

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Fibre Optic Telemetry cal 907plus telemetry module. This fibre optic module incorporates 4 x video, 4 through a single firbe. Ethernet, ECL and other various telemetry interfaces are also available. Additional modules can be added to increase capability. All the main vehicle electronics are housed in a single 3,000 metre / 10,000 feet rated pressure pod with electrical and fibre connectors fitted on one of the end caps. The internal electron- quickly removable for fast access. Comanche can be supplied with a survey pod which allows easy intefac- survey pod includes multiple electrical The...

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The specification details are illustrative for marketing purposes only. Actual equipment may be different as a result of product improvement or other reasons. Specific interface and performance information should be reconfirmed at time of order placement. Sub-Atlantic Ltd. Woodburn Road, Blackburn Business Park, Blackburn,Aberdeen. AB2I OPS. UK Sub-Atlantic Inc. 10642 West LittleYork, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77041-4014-USA

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