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Sub-Atlantic's new direct drive range of brushless DC thrusters break new ground in thrust, low weight and enhanced reliability. They are currently available in four sizes, each incorporating Sub-Atlantic's unique Statorshield™ technology. ■ High Reliability, Rugged Design ■ Unique Statorshield™ Technology Event of Shaft Seal Failure ■ Forward / Reverse Thrust within 5-10% Band ■ Four Sizes Available ■ Direct Drive Reliability (no gearbox) ■ Integral Drive Electronics ■ Various Connector Options ■ Various Voltage Options Sub-Atlantic's unique Statorshield™ system allows the thruster to continue running in the event of a shaft seal failure and subsequent flooding, without damage to the winding or electronic components. Integral electronic drives are oil filled and pressure compensated to 3000 metres / 10,000 feet. Four sizes are available with propeller diameters up to 380 mm / 15" and bollard thrusts up to 220 kgf / 485 Ibf.

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Statorshield™ Technology Subsea thrusters are prone to water short circuitfailureofthestatorwindings. problem bytheintroductionofaninternal Innovative Shaft Sealing The thruster incorporates our proven Theceramicring provides that prevents wear resultantseal damage Integral Drive Electronics All thrusters (exceptthe SPE-380) have integral drive electronics built into the housing. Electrical connections consist sealed diaphragm located between the rotor and stator, creating two separate isolated and sealed volumes (Rotorcavity and Stator cavity). Water cannot reach the stator and electronics...

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3D CAD models are available on request The specification details are illustrative for marketing purposes only. Actual equipment may be different as a result of product improvement or other reasons. Specific interface and performance information should be reconfirmed at time of order placement. Sub-Atlantic Ltd. Woodburn Road, Blackburn Business Park, Blackburn,Aberdeen. AB2I OPS. UK Sub-Atlantic Inc. 10642 West LittleYork, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77041-4014-USA

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