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Unlimited Potential • STX Offshore & Shipbuilding at a Glance 04 - Better Future through Technology - Value Creating from Innovation - Respect and Care for Human • STX Offshore & Shipbuilding Shipyards 20 ■ STX Offshore & Shipbuilding Ships Profitable Shipbuilding Company, The unprecedented rapid growth of STX Offshore & Shipbuilding has been driven by our unlimited potential. Building on the successful history, we are now in order to become the leader in the shipbuild- ing industry. Through continuous research and development, strategic business strategy, and innovation in management and...

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STX Offshore & Shipbuilding at a Glance We are developing technology for both human and nature. As the state-of-the-art equipment and convenient facilities exist for humans, we at STX Offshore & Shipbuilding believe that all technology should be developed with human and nature in mind. Our technology is developed to contribute to the future generations and environment as well as everyone who uses, builds, and benefits from the ships.

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STX Offshore & Shipbuilding at a Glance Through continuous improvement and innovation, we create value above the expectations. All members at STX Offshore & Shipbuilding strive for innovation. We are aware that only novel methods can create added value. We are reorganizing our business structure to respond flexibly to ever changing market environment and macroeconomic flow. Also, we are continuously develop- technology and improving internal management system to enhance productivity. SLS (Skid Launching System) Construction Method The SLS construction method for shipbuilding on land which...

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STX Offshore & Shipbuilding at a Glance We are doing our bm to maintain the optimal quality management system We believe quality is the most important to gain the satisfaction and trust of the customers. We at STX Offshore & Shipbuilding have set quality policy involving customer-oriented manage provement of processes, and participation in the quality management system and adherence t^"egulations by all members of the company. fforts, we hope to build reputation as a trustworthy company from the customers. In addition to obtaining quality management system certification(ISO 9001) from the...

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We are stepping toward a grander future through technology. In the past 50 years, STX Offshore & Shipbuilding has built around 800 ships to provide highly efficient and environmentally friendly ships to customers around the globe. We have also contributed to the development of shipbuilding industry by novel production processes and continuous R&D. STX Offshore & Shipbuilding is leaping forward as an independent company. Since separating from the STX group in 2013, we strive for innovation to improve the cost structure and enhance productivity. We are reorganizing and improving various...

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Exceptional Products Products created by never-ending research and innovation at STX Offshore & Shipbuilding are presenting new paradigms in the international market. We will continue to accumulate world's top-level technology to provide products with the best cost STX Offshore & Shipbuilding 15 recoqnized for its technology from customers abound the world, as evidenced by our container vessels and oil/product tankers, which are world's top-class products, as well as LPG carrier, container RO-RO vessel, and LNG carrier, which has been selected as the "Most Significant Ship^f 2014". We...

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Exceptional Products Unrivaled Product in the Market LR1 Class Oil/Product Tanker LR1 tanker produced by STX Offshore & Shipbuilding is an environmentally-friendly, high-efficiency vessel with reduced fuel consumption and minimized exhaust. By focusing on LR1 class tanker (60,000~80,000DWT) contracts, we are the world's number one producer of LR1 class tanker, with 20% market share of tankers ordered since 2000. In particular, the Jinhae Shipyard is optimized for LR1 and MR tankers, thereby securing our position as a producer of medium range tankers. Velikiy Novgorod (LNG Carrier) STX...

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Exceptional Products Atlantic Gas (LPG/LEG Carrier) STX Offshore & Shipbuilding built a LPG, ammonia and petrochemical gas carrier as a single screw design direct driven gas carrier type 2G for the handling and transportation of refrigerated liquefied gases. The Vessel of ATLANTIC GAS consists of 4 independent, bi-lobe IMO type C cargo tanks, designed for a maximum density of 0.972 t/m3, a maximum vapour pressure of 5.3 bar and a lowest temperature of -52"C. Cargo loading is monitored to ensure the ship's condition is within strength and stability criteria limits. Jolly Titanio...

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STX Offshore & Shipbuilding possesses differentiated p Jinhae Shipyard and Goseong Offshore & Shipbuilding, have specia optimized productivity and profitability. Our shipyards have the best fa operation know-hows, which are demonstrated by the world's record for highest dock turnover single dock (13 batches and 28 ship launches).

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STX Offshore & Shipbuilding Shipyards

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Business Overview Based on the 50-year experience of building 800 ships and self-developed production process, STX Offshore & Shipbuilding has built environmentally-friendly and high-efficiency ships using its advanced technology. In addition to the medium range product carrier market in which we boast the highest market share, performance in the container ship and LNG carrier production has been strong. We are also actively seeking to expand into niche markets. For example, in 2015 we have built the world's first LNG bunkering shuttle with robotic LNG transport system.

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STX Offshore & Shipbuilding Ships ■' Oil/Produci tahkere bailt"by STX Offshore & Shipbuilding have optimum resistance . ,hgll.'fprmf G-type- engine with high fuel efficiency, and high-efficiency and ;low-vibr^ony^(Wide Chord Tip)-propeiIer. . • Also, cargo hold is specially coated to prevent cargo contamination and enable " transport ofspecial cargds.-These technologies .have enabled ST)( Offshore &. Shipbuilding to rank nuVnber J in mafket.share ohhe LR4 class tanker market, \ UPPER DECK Wide beam hull form Our Post-Panamax LRl Tanker is 38 rneters-wide and has maximized fuel efficiency...

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