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Xtender series - 1

B R O C H U R E Solutions for Rural electrification SWISS MADE POWER EN

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Xtender series - 2

Solar Home System (SHS) ► Efficiency and simplicity... A « Solar Home System » (SHS) is an individual autonomous electrification system. It generally includes a battery bank charged and maintained with renewable energy sources - usually solar photovoltaic modules via charge controllers. A SHS allows the different daily electrical devices (light, appliances, etc…) to be supplied using a local distribution network. This network can be either low-voltage DC (for smaller systems) or an alternating current (AC) similar to the standard public grid (230 or 120 VAC), using an inverter. In the...

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Xtender series - 3

Hybrid system : renewable / diesel + AC-coupling ► At the heart of an hybrid system... A « hybrid system » is a combination of different energy sources, one or more producing renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro) and a diesel / gas generator. This generator is generally used to fill the energy deficits of other producers that are depending on environmental conditions, bringing flexibility to the system. As seen on figure 2, the heart of such a system consists of an Xtender inverter-charger. It is connected to a battery bank, to the generator, and can supply all kinds of electrical...

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Xtender series - 4

Electrical microgrid (Minigrid) ► An electrical grid at your fingertips... To meet the growing demand for larger and more complex rural electrification systems, Studer Innotec offers a new concept for microgrids (figure 4). With quite similar behavior to the preceding system (figure 3), this concept proposes a very robust solution which is simple to implement while providing flexibility in both its design and management. A standard hybrid unit is at the core of the system and decentralized units can provide redundancy, storage service, power assistance, and interface with other renewable...

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Xtender series - 5

STUDER solutions for each situation! Solar Home System AC (AC-SHS) ► with AJ Series An inverter range available from 275 to 2400 VA (230V/50Hz and 120V/60Hz), able to supply all kinds of electrical appliances and offering: ? Reduction of installations costs with an 'All in one' device ? Savings in system costs ? Special algorithm to optimize battery life (B.L.O.) Hybrid system : renewable / diesel + AC-coupling / Minigrid ► with Xtender Series An inverter-charger range available from 0.9 to 8kVA (230V/50Hz and 120V/60Hz), able to supply all kinds of electrical appliances and recharge...

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Xtender series - 6

AJ series August 2011 ® Studer Innotec SA - V1.1 AJ 275-12(-S) AJ 350-24(-S) AJ 400-48(-S) AJ 500-12(-S) AJ 600-24(-S) AJ 700-48(-S) AJ 1000-12(-S) AJ 1300-24(-S) AJ 2100-12(-S) AJ 2400-24(-S) Xtender series (-S) = Optional Built-In Solar Charge Controller XTS 900-12 XTS 1200-24 XTS 1400-48 XTM 1500-12 XTM 2000-12 XTM 2400-24 XTM 2600-48 XTM 3500-24 XTM 4000-48 XTH 3000-12 XTH 5000-24 XTH 6000-48 XTH 8000-48 STUDER Innotec SA Rue des Casernes 57 1950 Sion - Switzerland Tel: +41 (0)27 205 60 80 Fax: +41 (0)27 205 60 88 info@studer-innotec.com www.studer-innotec.com

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