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Catalogue Inverter-chargers Battery monitoring Engineered power Inverters Battery chargers Battery splitters Battery separators DC/DC converters SWISS made power

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STUDER Catalogue - 2

Company Summary Experience and competences The company Applications 3 6 - Applications in remote areas 6 - Mobile applications 8 - Backup applications 10 Products Studer Innotec Ltd. was founded in 1987 by Roland Studer, current General Director. From 1987 to 1991, the company developed its core competences in solar photovoltaics and in energy conversion, with the first inverters (DC/AC). In 2005, the Sommet Prize, organized among others by the Union Bank of Switzerland was awarded to Studer Innotec Ltd., for its capabilities to innovate as well as to export its inverters. 12 - Sine wave...

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STUDER Catalogue - 3

Company Leadership Ease in Use and Product Versatility Today, Studer Innotec Ltd. is one of the world leaders in the inverter market. The company also manages a network of more than hundred « Distributors » around the world. Quality choice will continue to guide Studer Innotec’s strategic axis towards the future. Beyond performances, the next inverters will have increased ease in use and will offer greater versatility to the users. It manages a network of more than one hundred distributors in more than 70 countries. Thanks to its exceptionally extensive product range, it is the only...

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STUDER Catalogue - 4

Applications Applications in remote areas Village electrification Security and comfort (lighting, heating, household appliances, leisure electronics, telecoms...) can now be provided by autonomous energy systems ; when far away from any electrical grid, either by choice or reason. GENERATOR These systems consist firstly of an energy source ; normally a genset, a solar generator, a wind turbine or a combination of these ; secondly of a battery storage, and then thirdly of devices (inverter-charger, battery charger) able to charge the battery from this energy source and to supply users with...

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STUDER Catalogue - 5

Applications Mobile applications 3 x 400Vac 3-phase grid on-board A simple on-board energy system is often necessary to power the AC voltage appliances, while the vehicle or the boat is away from the electrical grid (port, garage, camping...). In this case, energy is stored in the battery, which is actually charged by power sources on-board, such as a genset, solar generator, wind turbine, alternator or a combination of these. Studer Innotec offers the product range that secures the management and conversion of this energy, while securing an optimal power supply to the on-board appliances....

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STUDER Catalogue - 6

Applications Backup applications Uninterruptible power supply off-line Appliances such as fridges, PCs, emergency lights, etc. which are supplied by the public grid and cannot afford any power cut, are electrically secured. AC AC DC An inverter-charger with transfer relay or a combination of an inverter and a charger guarantees that the battery is well maintained and that an uninterrupted power supply to strategic appliances is sustained. In this configuration the grid supplies directly to the appliances, thanks to the inverter-charger’s by-pass function. In case of a power drop or cut in...

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STUDER Catalogue - 7

Applications Xtender XTS XTS 1000-12 XTS 1200-24 XTS 1400-48 Products Sine wave inverter-chargers Xtender range Power SmartBoost Charge current Transfer current 900VA** / 500VA 900VA** 0 - 35A 16A 1200VA** / 650VA 1200VA** 0 - 25A 16A 1400VA** / 750VA 1400VA** 0 - 12A 16A 230Vac* 1500VA / 1500VA 1500VA 0 - 70A 50A 12V 230Vac* 2000VA / 2000VA 2000VA 0 - 100A 50A XTM 2400-24 24V 230Vac* 2400VA / 2000VA 2400VA 0 - 55A 50A XTM 2600-48 48V 230Vac* 2600VA / 2000VA 2600VA 0 - 30A 50A XTM 3500-24 24V 230Vac* 3500VA / 3000VA 3500VA 0 - 90A 50A XTM 4000-48 48V 230Vac* 4000VA / 3500VA 4000VA 0 - 50A...

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STUDER Catalogue - 8

Products Sine wave inverter-chargers Accessories RCC-02 RCC-03 Remote control and programming centre RCC-02 or RCC-03 Apart from the enclosure difference, adapted for wall or panel mounting, both units have exactly the same features and allow the user to survey his system and fully customize it to his needs. RCC gives a controlled access to the many adjustable parameters of the Xtender. It enables the setting of the charge curve of the battery, the programming of the auxiliary contacts and gives access to a lot of operation options. Thanks to its graphic display RCC provides clear and...

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STUDER Catalogue - 9

Products Sine wave inverter-chargers The main configurations offered by the Xtender series Inverter, charger and transfer relay The Xtender basically works as an inverter and as a charger, combined with a transfer relay. GENERATOR XT XT GENERATOR GENERATOR XT XT XT XT XT XT XT XT GENERATOR XT XT XT XT GENERATOR GENERATOR GENERATOR Wide modularity By the implementation of several units, it is possible to create a 3-phase source or to set them in parallel to increase the power available without extra cost. Up to 9 inverters of the Xtender serie shall therefore be combined together up to...

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STUDER Catalogue - 11

Products Applications Sine wave inverter-chargers Multifunctional contact The 16 A. potential free contact can be programmed according to the user wishes. It reacts according to battery levels, as well as to the system status (alarm conditions, public grid presence, sunlight’s presence…), and provides : Compact series The Compact series models consist of 3 fully automatic functions : a sine wave inverter, a battery charger and a transfer system. Equipped with highend technology, they optimally perform, thanks to Studer Innotec’s extensive experience in the field of electrical supply. 1/...

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STUDER Catalogue - 12

Products Applications Sine wave inverters Accessoire JT8 Remote control Enables the control (ON/OFF) and the remote display (ON / Standby / Temporary off). (supplied with a 5 m cable) AJ series The AJ range consists of sine wave inverters that convert a battery’s DC voltage into AC voltage, which can be used by all electrical appliances. AJ 1000-12, AJ 1300-24 AJ 2100-12, AJ 2400-24 Option plug for remote control RCM Connection (plugs male and female) to start/stop an inverter AJ under certain circumstances : Features and performances • RCM 01 : ON when a contact is closed. • RCM 02  : ON...

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