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Battery chargers Inverter-chargers Battery monitoring Engineered power Inverters Battery splitters Battery separators MPPT solar charge controllers DC/DC converters SWISS made power

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Company Summary The company 3 Applications 6 - Applications in remote areas - Mobile applications - Backup applications - Self-consumption systems - MPPT solar charge controllers - Sine wave inverter-chargers - Sine wave inverters - Battery chargers - DC/DC converters - Battery separators - Battery protection Today Studer Innotec provides an extensive product range with over 60 products that assure storage, conversion and management of energy, of which over 95% are exported through our distributor network with over 100 partners worldwide. The key success factor in maintaining our...

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Company Production integration and flexibility Ease in use and product versatility Studer Innotec’s company philosophy has always been to master the complete process: from development to product sales. That is why Studer Innotec since its beginning is a vertically integrated company, capable of far greater flexibility than its competitors. Furthermore it has a team of 13 Research & Development engineers fully dedicated to turn the market expectations into products and services. Quality choice will continue to guide Studer Innotec’s strategic axis towards the future. Beyond performance, the...

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Applications in remote areas Village electrification Security and comfort (lighting, heating, household appliances, leisure electronics, telecom...) can now be provided by autonomous energy systems; when far away from any electrical grid, either by choice or necessity. These systems consist of three main components: first an energy source; normally a genset, a solar generator, a wind turbine or a combination of these; second battery storage; and third devices (inverter/charger, battery charger) able to charge the battery from the energy source(s) and to supply users with AC voltage...

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Série AJ - 5

Mobile applications In this case, energy is stored in the battery, which is actually charged by power sources on-board, such as a genset, solar generator, wind turbine, alternator or a combination of these. Studer Innotec offers a complete product range that ensures the management and conversion of this energy, while securing an optimal power supply to the on-board appliances. A 3-phase grid can be built with 3 inverters. The Xtender series enables the creation of a 3-phase grid and to simultaneously charge the battery, even if only a single phase is available as a power source. Inverters...

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Série AJ - 6

Backup applications UPS with solar backup and solar priority Appliances such as fridges, PCs, emergency lights, etc. which are supplied by the public grid and cannot afford any power cut, are electrically secured. Inverters Xtender Series 18 p. (900 - 72’000VA) Compact Series p. 26 (1’400 - 4’000VA) An inverter/charger with transfer relay or a combination of an inverter and a charger guarantees that the battery is well maintained and that an uninterrupted power supply to strategic appliances is sustained. When it is forbidden or there is no incentive to inject energy into the public grid,...

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Série AJ - 7

Self-consumption systems In order to give priority to consumption of the energy generated from your own solar or renewable installation, different systems including the Xtender inverter-chargers can be set up. Priority to renewable energy without grid-injection These systems store excess energy produced during daytime in batteries to be used at a later time, maximizing self-consumption. The public grid will only be used to import or export small amounts of energy if absolutely necessary. Inverters Xtender Series 18 p. (900 - 72’000VA) When it is forbidden or there is no incentive to inject...

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Série AJ - 8

MPPT solar charge controller VarioTrack Series The VarioTrack solar charge controller maximizes the energy generated from solar panels in any solar installation. It contains an MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) algorithm that continuously tracks the maximum power point and automatically charges the batteries in an optimal way with all the available solar power. The VarioTrack in an Xtender system Designed to function in any solar installation, the VarioTrack works optimally in an Xtender system. The communication between the two devices allows for synchronized battery management. Main...

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Série AJ - 9

MPPT solar charge controller VarioString Series The VarioString family is comprised of 2 models of MPPT solar charge controllers with 70A or 120A battery charge current for 48V batteries. The devices have one (VS-70) or two (VS-120) MPPT inputs to connect PV modules and, due to the use of transformers, have full isolation between the PV and battery circuits. When connected independently or in parallel, the MPPT inputs allow for a PV voltage range of 200 to 600V. The VS-120, with its MPPT inputs connected in series, provides the option of a PV voltage from 400 to 900V. Both VarioString...

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Série AJ - 10

Sine wave inverter/chargers Power Smart-Boost Battery voltage Charge current Transfer current Xtender Series The Xtender series provides unmatched freedom of use due to its many functions. In a basic application, it offers a total package: the functions of inverter, battery charger, transfer system and assistance to the source. These functions can be combined and controlled in a totally automatic way for exceptional ease and optimal management of available energy. The Xtender is equipped with a command entry and 2 configurable auxiliary contacts. This allows automatic control of a genset or...

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Sine wave inverter-chargers The main configurations offered by the Xtender Series Inverter, charger and transfer relay The Xtender works as an inverter and as a charger, combined with a transfer relay. GENERATOR GENERATOR GENERATOR GENERATOR GENERATOR Wide modularity By the implementation of several units, it is possible to create a 3-phase source or to set them in parallel to increase the power available without extra cost. Up to 9 inverters of the Xtender Series can be combined together for up to 72kVA! GENERATOR GENERATOR 2 or 3 units in parallel on 1 phase Increase the power on one...

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