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Product Sheet stucke GROUP SYMAP® R Plug in Variants FI, MI, 87M, TI - Technical data V V SYMAP R_PRODUCT SHEET_GB_V2.0.DOCX 1

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stucke GROUP Product Sheet Product overview SYMAP® R (Retrofit) is a digital protection relay for use in medium and high-voltage power systems. Because of its integrated protection functions and human-machine interface capabilities, it is an efficient and cost-effective solution for all types of switch bays. With three powerful microprocessors, SYMAP® R offers complete protection functions for generators, motors (synchronous and asynchronous), transformers, power lines, and distributions. All protection functions can be activated simultaneously, and there are no limits to using all of them...

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Product Sheet Panel mounting and terminal connections SYMAP® R is designed to fit into the plug-in housing of previous installations. Due to this fact, a timesaving installation and an easy replacement of a SYMAP® R device are guaranteed. SYMAP®R with plug in housing Although the SYMAP® R devices feature small housing dimensions, they contain comprehensive protection functions for medium voltage systems. 203 SYMAP®R front view SYMAP®R side view SYMAP R_PRODUCT SHEET_GB_V2.0.

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Product Sheet SYMAP® R provides the following connections for measurement and control:       Phase current measurement 3 phase Ground current measurement 1 phase Ground voltage measurement 1 phase Breaker control including trip coil and closing coil supervision (TCS/CCS) Phase voltage measurement 3 phase (SYMAP® FI, MI only) Differential current measurement 3 phase (SYMAP® TI, 87M only) Connection diagrams SYMAP® FI and SYMAP® MI 7 Programmable function relay outputs 5 Programmable digital inputs 24VDC Power supply AC/DC 95-230V, 50Hz/60Hz SYMAP R_PRODUCT

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stucke GROUP Product SheetConnection diagrams SYMAP® TI and SYMAP® 87M • SYMAP® TI: Motor/Transformer differential protection via 6 current measurement inputs • SYMAP® 87M: Motor differential protection via 3 differential current measurement inputs (self-balancing type and differential type) • 7 Programmable function relay outputs • 5 Programmable digital inputs, 24VDC • Power supply AC/DC 95-230V, 50Hz/60Hz

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Product Sheet Protection functions The following table shows the device variant related protection functions of SYMAP® R. ANSI No. UVR (27R, 27M, 27S) MPR (UCR) MPR (NSR) POR NSOVR MPR (THR) OCR OCGR MPR (50H) OCR OCGR MPR (51LR) OVGR MPR (NCHR) DOCR SGR/DGR/DOCGR 87M DFR TCS/CCS - Protection function Undervoltage, instantaneous, definite time Undercurrent Reverse phase current Positive phase sequence overvoltage Negative phase sequence overvoltage Thermal overload protection Overcurrent, instantaneous Current earth fault, instantaneous Current element to block ANSI 49 AC time overcurrent,...

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stucke GROUP Product SheetTechnical specification SYMAP® R Description SYMAP R_PRODUCT SHEET_GB_V2.0.DOCX 7

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