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Touchless WC cubicles with occupancy indicator


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TOUCHLESS WC CUBICLES WITH OCCUPANCY INDICATOR The only access system that seamlessly works with both proximity sensors or manual operation as preferred!

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Since 1989, Stern - one of the pioneers in touchless sanitary products for public toilets – has been producing touchless faucets, soap dispensers, flush valves, and hand dryers. But what about the contact applied to open the door of the WC cubicles? TOUCHLESS CUBICLE PARTITIONS FOR COMMERCIAL WASHROOMS Now you can ensure optimal surface hygiene and minimize the risk of crosscontamination, using Stern’s touchless bathroom cubicles. TOUCHLESS OPERATION Intuitive | Simple | Safe • Optimizing Surface Hygiene and Minimizing the Risk of Cross Contamination • Quick & Easy Installation • Intuitive...

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HPL Cubicles and Doors Manufacturer Stern specializes in designing and manufacturing HPL cubicles and doors in our own facilities, adhering to stringent manufacturing and quality standards. Our high-quality HPL products come in a variety of colors and feature touchless operation. Description Fully integrated access system that offers door control from the exterior and interior of the cubicle using hand proximity sensors. The sensor and LED indicator mechanism on the exterior of the system resembles a standard door lock. On the interior of the door, the sensor and LED indicator mechanism...

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Touchless operation CUBICLE EXTERIOR The energy-saving LED sensor on the outside of the cubicle shows a green light. Intuitively, the user’s hand is simply presented in front of an LED to open the door and enter the stall. The external LED switches from green to red when the stall door is locked presenting the hand to the sensor from the inside. The door will not open from the outside while the LED is red. To unlock and open the door, the user needs to present their hand to the sensor inside the stall. Sensor and LED indicatos are mounted on the exterior of the door, resembling standard...

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS • • • • A unique design that ensures structural integrity and endurance. Sensor lights are mounted to the handles. Simple and easily accessible components for efficient and smooth maintenance. 5 Years warranty Floor-to-ceiling Cubicle • Up to 3000mm cubicle height • Up to 1800mm cubicle depth • Anodized aluminum 6063 with 3mm HPL on both sides • Chrome plated brass. Other finishes available. Door Clearance Power source • 7.5mm from the floor and 7.5mm from the top cover Pilasters Transformer from the main power source, the system runs on 24 volts of electrical power...

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