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Touchless Trends - 2

TOUCHLESS OPERATION Intuitive | Simple | Safe WHAT’S NEW AT STERN? Since 1989, Stern, one of the pioneers in touchless sanitary products for public restrooms has been producing touchless faucets, soap dispensers, flush valves, hand dryers and customizable cabinets with touchless product combinations. But what about the contact applied to open the door of the WC cubicles? Stern, a leading manufacturer of water-efficient, environmentally friendly sanitary products, presents the only access system that seamlessly works with both proximity sensors or manual operation as preferred! Now you can...

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Touchless Trends - 3

TOUCHLESS CUBICLE PARTITIONS FOR COMMERCIAL RESTROOMS • Optimizing Surface Hygiene and Minimizing the Risk of Cross Contamination • Quick & Easy Installation • Intuitive and Simple to Use • Safe and Reliable • Minimal Maintenance and Failure-Free Fully integrated access system that offers door control from the exterior and interior of the cubicle using hand proximity sensors. The sensor and LED indicator mechanism on the exterior of the system resembles a standard door lock. On the interior of the door, the sensor and LED indicator mechanism appear as a regular circular handle. The system...

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Touchless Trends - 4

SWAR LINE Complete sanitary cabinet with a lockable mirror Stern’s SWAR hand washing station elegantly combines cleanliness, practicality, and cost effectiveness in a contemporary sanitary cabinet with a lockable mirror, including LED pictograms for intuitive user guidance. Eliminates messy, slippery floors and reduces the amount of labor during installation and for commercial facilities maintenance. Complete sanitary cabinet with a lockable mirror and 23.5” TV. Includes high speed hand dryer, touch free faucet, mixing valve, touch free soap dispenser and LED pictograms for intuitive user...

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Touchless Trends - 5

STERN DUO Water & soap come together, perfectly matched! Options abound with versatile touch-free pairs; deck or wall mounted, transformer or battery operated, a variety of special finishes and multiple possibilities for an aesthetic design.

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Touchless Trends - 6

TUBULAR TRIO Perfect solution for airports and high traffic public restrooms. This innovative system seamlessly integrates touchless soap dispenser, faucet, and hand dryer into one sleek collection, revolutionizing your restroom experience. Say goodbye to germs and wet counters as you effortlessly wash and dry your hands without ever touching a surface.

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Touchless Trends - 7

LOTUS TOP FILL Elevate your hand hygiene with our Touchless Soap Dispenser featuring a Top-Fill Mechanism and Soap Level Indicator. Enjoy the pinnacle of cleanliness and convenience with easy refills, no-touch operation ad always know when it's time to replenish. MULTI-FEED SOAP DISPENSER Top filling, compatible with non-proprietary soap, and Including an LED soap level indicator, our under the deck Multi-feed Soap Dispenser greatly cuts down on soap and reduces maintenance costs, making it a real bonus for any high traffic & commercial bathrooms.

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Touchless Trends - 8

IMPROVED SANITATION AND WATER CONSERVATION IN COMMERCIAL RESTROOMS Stern’s Noble 3032 leads the way to maximum hygiene with touch-free operation. This original high efficiency concealed stainless steel AISI 316 toilet flush comes with 1.28 GPF making it ideal for water savings. Designed specifically for the US market according to our customer needs. Noble 3032 conforms with ASSE 1037. CSABA 2-IN-1 For the ultimate 2-for-1 solution, look no further than this single unit deck mounted soap and water knight in shining armor. Csaba 2-in-1 is the ideal solution for retrofit projects with single...

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Touchless Trends - 9

Before Choosing A New Faucet, THINK FINISH FIRST New technology and an increasing appreciation for purposeful design in public bathrooms have made the faucet an important feature in bathroom decor. POLISHED CHROME Resistant to rust and corrosion, chrome is both cost-effective and easy to clean. The graceful chrome-plated finish is created through electroplating, which applies a liquid metal coating through electro deposition. As the deposited metal fuses to the base material, the refined and durable finish created is Stern’s collection default. STAINLESS STEEL AISI 316 Stainless steel...

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Touchless Trends - 10

World Wide Reference Projects -Stern's touchless products. JFK Airport, multiple terminals, New York, USA Newark Airport, Terminal A, NJ, USA JP Morgan / Chase Headquarter, New York, NY, USA THE SALT SHED, Chicago, IL, USA LinkedIn Corporation, 350 5th Avenue, New York, NY Google, Pier 57, New York, NY Citadel Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA Portland Airport, Portland, OR Citizen M Hotel, South Miami, FL Deutsche Bank New York City, USA Penn Plaza New York City , USA Louvre Museum, Paris, France Papachinos Gauteng region, South Africa Roble Corporate Center, Dominican Republic Metro Plaza, Hong...

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Touchless Trends - 11

STERN ENGINEERING LTD. HQ 777 Passaic Avenue Clifton NJ, 0701 2 Tel: 973.773.8 01 1 WAREHOUSE 86 Lackawanna Ave, Suite 315 Woodland Park, NJ 07424 FACTORY 18 Tzoran Blvd. Industrial Park, Kiryat Gat 82510, Israel Tel: 972.893 2.60 0 0

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