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"THE UNSOLVED MYSTERIERS OF THE SOUTH SEAS HAD FASCINATED ME. THERE- MUST BE A RATIONAL SOLUTION TO THEM, AND I HAD MADE MY OBJECTIVE THE IDENTIFICATION OF THE LEGENDARY HERO TIKI" ••^r, ueVPRDAHL FATU HIVA MARQUESAS 1937 The ancient Polynesian heritage of surfing was introduced to the western world by Hawaiians like Duke Kahanamou in the early 1900s and a unique culture was created.

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2007 catalog - 2

THE SERENITY IS AN ULTRA LONG AND SLENDER BOARD THAT GIVES THE FEELING OF GLIDING EFFORTLESSLY WITH A CHALLENGING AND EXCITING SENSATION The design brief was simple: develop a concept board that would make sailing in 2-9 knots exciting, challenging and rewarding. The instant acceleration, totally serene gliding sensation, almost ghosting and alive ride makes light wind areas around the world become the playground for people who take pleasure in the smooth sensitivity of a windsurfing hull. The partly round bottom shape can be sailed with a fair bit of railing for sailors who are able to...

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2007 catalog - 3

"Wood technologies 'm 1995, and the widestyle phenomenon initiated with the GO in 1998 ; the first dedicated Formula board and the original real world waveboard in the Fish; the resurrection of slalom with the Hypersonic and the birth of the ProKids project to get more youth into the sport. Almost all the concepts, without exception, were met with reserved response and outspoken skepticism when first introduced-only to be praised as significant breakthroughs years later "

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2007 catalog - 4

Trent Pedersen Trent Pedersen ensures that the world of windsurfing knows about Starboard, manages the marketing department and sees to that the basic business infrastructure runs smooth. He supports our teams and provides our distributors with informational tools to make the best decisions for their inventory. Trent also is a skilled sail-maker and a competitive Per Andersson has risen to become the backbone of the Starboard development program in understated style. Quietly going about his job with passion and energy, Per not only tests and designs prototypes, he also manages daily...

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2007 catalog - 5

A new player from the past has been identified, TIKI who could well be the link to windsurfing's very distant past His journey several thousand years ago, as a banished pre-lnca chief, is a crucial link in the circular trail that led, thousands of years later, to the seminal joining of a sail and a surfboard in California. The journey began in northeast Asia over, probably, a land bridge across the Bering Straits. The trail leads down the western hemisphere to a tribal territory that today is Peru and then across the pacific to Polynesia. TIKI, was both god and chief in the words of Thor...

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2007 catalog - 6

For 2007, the new Carves and S-Types have shorter, narrower noses and tail side-cuts, the iSonic and Formula have wider tails and a new volume distribution. We have new daggerboards on the Start and Rios, new high performance ProKids models, a new GO 129, more compact Flares with wider tails; there's the new spiraling Vee concept on the Kombats and Pure Acids, extra tail vee on the 5th generation Evos, the new Apollo project and of course the ail new Serenity, Phantom and Gemini. Since 1994, hundreds of thousands of ideas have filtered through the Starboard development program, ideas that...

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2007 catalog - 7

Integrating a sheet of 0.6mm Australian pine wood to the bottom and deck of windsurfing boards has been a Starboard trademark since 1995. First developed by Jean Louis Colmas in 1984 in New Caledonia, Wood Technology was applied to custom mass-manufacturing by Starboard in 1995. These first Wood Technology boards weighed in at 1 kilo under the best boards of the time, yet with superior impact resistance, superior structural integrity and unique rigidity and flex characteristics. Following their introduction, American Windsurfer magazine said, "The most impressive construction we saw was the...

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2007 catalog - 9

HOSe Carry handle for convenience. ^Slight concave in the nose . . .. T' "'' , ;•'''. helps guide the beginner's h v , ; ' feet around a tacking • . ■ f«? ' ' ' ' . .. Riders: Bernd Roediger & Timo Mullen, Photographer: Model Volume Length Width Tail Width Sail range Fin Fin range 2.0-9.0 m2 Drake Shallow 410 FRN + Clipperbox Daggerboard XS 40-52 cm 2.0-9.5 m2 Drake Shallow 410 FRN + Clipperbox Daggerboard 570 40-58 cm 2.0-11.5 m2 Drake Shallow 410 FRN + Clipperbox Daggerboard 570 40-70 cm Deep Turtle + Clipperbox Deep Tuttle + Clipperbox Deep Tuttle + Clipperbox " +/ 6% tolerance....

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2007 catalog - 10

"VERDICT: Wide user appeal in a classy package, a board mat an early intermediate will want to hang Windsurf UK, July 2006 issue 'Absolutely great in light winds and for early beginners. Overall: A really well finished, good looking board with all the boxes ticked for light winds and total beginners.' Boards magazine UK, July 2006

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2007 catalog - 11

THE PROKIDS RANGE IS A SPECIALIST LINE OF WINDSURFERS. COVERING FREESTYLING, SLALOM, RACING, FREERIDING AND WAVES, THE PROKIDS PROGRAM OFFERS DEDICATED . HIGH-PERFORMANCE DESIGNS. They are sized specifically for kids weighing 20-55kg. Smaller volumes, lighter construction and narrower stances: the ProKids series takes kids' performances Having led the recent emergence of kids' windsurfing, Starboard's ProKids program has grown 30% in its second year and now enters its third season. New talents, new stars and a new generation of windsurfers: • High performance boards for windsurfers 20-55kg...

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2007 catalog - 13

Their stable wide-style shapes offer early planing, a wide wind range and an exciting racing performance. With their shallow fin or high " . performance racing fin fitted, optional side fins and multiple footstrap positions, they adapt to the needs of beginners, intermediates or advanced windsurfers. Carry handles and large EVA deck pads make Rider: Svein Rasmussen, Photographer: John Carter Whafs new? For 2007, the GO 155 features additional EVA on the sides for added comfort when climbing on board, while the GO 170 and 185 feature full EVA decks. The new GO 129 is the latest model to join...

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