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Carbon AIS Aid to Navigation (AtoN)


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Product Data Sheet Product Code: 408-0001 Carbon AIS Aid to Navigation (AtoN) Product Type: Standard OEM Carbon is an internationally certified Type 1 and Type 3 AIS AtoN with the world’s lowest power consumption. Offering a full range of features, including transmission of virtual AtoN targets, simple integration with lanterns and external sensors, plus over the air configuration and chaining. The toughened enclosure is designed for continuous, long term use in even the most extreme environments from the equator to the poles. •• Certified Type 1 and Type 3 •• Ultra low power consumption in all operating modes •• Designed and manufactured for the toughest of environments •• Integrated GPS antenna with optional external input •• Multiple flexible sensor interfaces •• Proven operational reliability •• Full feature set Ultra low power consumption minimises overall system installation costs Multiple external interfaces facilitates easy integration with external devices Designed for internal or external deployment in even the harshest marine environment SRT products offer unmatched This product is fully tested and certified to the fully branded as per your specific relevant international standards and product requirements. This includes the specifications. As part of the OEM customisation product, all manuals and packaging markets. Additional features and process into your brand, international certification such that upon arrival they are can be transferred into your brand name within a instantly ready for you to ship to implemented and range from your customers. the simple to complex encryption and messaging features. Srt marine technology lTd / wireless house / westfield industrial estatE / midsomer norton / bath / ba3 4bs / uk

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Carbon AIS Aid to Navigation (AtoN) - 2

Physical Specification Internal or external options Option available Spurious response rejection Electrical Specification Power supply Power consumption Type 1 AtoN (FATDMA) Less than 0.09Ah/day (with 3 minute position reporting rate) Power consumption Type 3 AtoN (RATDMA) Less than 0.8 Ah/day (with 3 minute position reporting rate) AtoN Functions T ype 1 and Type 3 options available S upports configuration by VDL command Logic level IO lines Virtual AtoN support Customisable sensor interfacing C haining option available Interfaces - basic AtoN Interfaces - via optional sensor interface...

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