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INTRODUCTION Rig-Sense by Spinlock is a new Rig tension device for measuring the loads in wire and rope standing rigging used on boats. Rig-Sense is a simple to use device, measuring the tension directly in kilogrammes to eliminate any conversions. Rig-Sense also benefits from being able to operated one handed and can support itself on the rig whilst being used. It uses quality parts for long term performance and consistent accurate readings over time. Direct measurement of tension in KG Compatible with both wire and rope RGS0205 2-5mm diameter lines RGS0508 5-8mm diameter lines Consistent,...

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Rig-Sense is simple to use, but requires a procedure to get a consistent and accurate measurement. 1. Pull the top slider down fully. 2. Attach the Rig-Sense to the wire or cable making sure the slider is pushed fully up to connect with the wire. At this point, the Rig-Sense will be able to hang on the rig unsupported. 3. Using your thumb, push the bottom of the leaf spring so the wheel hooks on to the wire. 4. To get consistent results, push the base so the pointer goes towards 0kg and release. 5. Your measurement can be read in KG from the pointer on the leaf spring. Please refer to...

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Cable tension gauges generally operate using the same principle; bend the cable between three points and measure the reactive force on one of those points: • • Mechanically with a spring Electronically with strain Cable deflectors Rig-Sense uses a mechanical principle similar to other rig gauges, but with four distinct improvements to achieve the key features. Spring force 1. ADJUSTABLE CABLE DEFLECTOR Large cable Small cable Deflector Stop Fixed deflector Adjustable deflector Reaction Force Rig-Sense uses an adjustable central deflector, same deflection for all cable sizes. So output does...

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2. WHY MEASURE IN KG? With the Rig-Sense scale, we’ve kept the scale true, so there’s no need for conversion. We believe it’s important not hide this as rig tuning can be massively effected. All cable sizes use the whole scale and works with both imperial and metric cable, fibre and even rope. Other gauge scales are linear, but it is misleading. • • At bottom of scale 3mm, 1 increment = 5kg At top of scale 3mm, 1 increment = 35kg Also, each cable size only uses half of the scale. 3. PROFILED STAINLESS STEEL DEFLECTORS Profiled deflectors follow natural bend in cable Stainless steel inserts...

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Rig-Sense uses a composite leaf spring. The advantages are: • High precision control of spring rate • Compact shape allows slender design less likely to be damaged • Cannot over-stretch • Allows for calibration during assembly • No corrosion. Other gauges use stainless steel coil springs. There are a number of disadvantages to this: • Makes it difficult to keep consistent spring rate over production runs. • No way to adjust or calibrate. • Can over-stretch without knowing. • Friction.

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The Rig-Sense App is a simple mobile application for logging rig settings. By using the App you can store multiple settings, for multiple boats and share with the crew, training partners, clubs, classes, coaches or the rest of the world. The intuitive and easy-to-use interface of the App makes it simple to use and understand. You can log many types of information including shroud settings, type of spinnaker and the wind range you choose. The App allows you to customise any aspect of your Tuning Guide and save it as a ‘Template’ and from there you can create any number of ‘Files’ for...

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CONVERSION TABLE – LOOS TO KG Wire Dia. Loos Gauge Model A

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CONTACT Spinlock Ltd 41 Birmingham Road Cowes Isle of Wight PO317BH Telephone: +44 (0) 1983 295555 www.spinlock.co.uk prosupport@spinlock.co.uk

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