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SPECTRA VENTURA 200R-T WATERMAKER PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Production / Day Production / Hour Power Requirement 2.5”x10” pleated polyester 5 micron 2.5”x10” pleated polyester 20 micron Spectra Remote Manual Controller Installation Requirements Dedicated thruhull, dry and well ventilated area not to exceed 110°F/37°C 20” x 2.5” High rejection spiral wound polyamide Shurflo diaphragm pump Salt Rejection Temperature Range Baseline Conditions Chlorine Tolerance Spectra standard warranty Shipping Weight Shipping Dimensions FACTS The same size as the Ventura 150, but designed for warm water above 50°F (10C), the Ventura 200R-T delivers over 8 gallons (31liters) per hour. With it’s modular design, it’s an ideal system for installation in tight spaces whether you’re cruising or racing. The Ventura 200R-T features Manual Remote control with Spectra’s simple and reliable controller. This simplified controller can be mounted remotely and offers basic control of the watermaker, including freshwater flush with a set duration, perfectly bridging the gap between our full manual and completely automated watermaker systems. Add the Z±ION Membrane Protection System to extend storage times for up to 30 days. Optimized for high output performance in warm water (over 50°F/10°C) Remote Manual control system offers basic watermaker control at a distance Freshwater flush control with a set duration Controller gives tank full indication when used with a tank switch Compact modular design Spectra’s unique Clark Pump for efficiency and reliability Low power consumption, can be run on batteries, solar, or wind power Whisper quiet Commercial grade diaphragm pumps with run dry protection System includes installation kit, handheld wate

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SPECTRA VENTURA 200R-T WATERMAKER Katadyn reserves the right to modify products Spectra Watermakers 2220 S McDowell Blvd Ext Petaluma, CA 94954 TEL: 1-415-526-2780 FAX: 1-414-526-2787 E-MAIL:

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