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MAST SECTIONS S Performance - 1

MAST HEADS The Gamme S is a line design to suit the needs of the performed racing or cruising riggings. This line is results from the Sparcraft knowhow and expertise known in the sailing throughout the world for over 50 years. ■ Different mast head configurations available : - Mast head rig - Mast Rig with taper - Fractional rig - Fractional rig with taper - Different options : single or double external spi attachments ■ The type of spreader tip depends on the configuration of the rigging (continuous or discontinuous). Complete, or parts : - discontinuous or continuous tips; - Alloy through bars; - Spreader backing plates,... SECTIONS & HARDWARE ■ The S range sections are designed to be suitable for cruising and race yachts for up to 75' (multihulls) and 80' (monohulls), and adapted for many different rig set-ups (mast head or fractional rig). ■ We take the best mast section and the functionalities of each part to meet your specifications. The S range thus takes into account the particularity of performing rigging : weight to inertia ratio, geometry or aerodynamics... Sparcraft brings the ulmost care to the rigs, from sections extrusion to the delivery : ■ European high quality alloys and a large requirement in the choice of materials ■ Quality control of the extrusions (twist & straightness) ■ Anodizing after machining and drilling ■ 5-axis machining (up to 22 meters) SPARCRAFTPERFORMANCE MASTS Wide range up to 80' Monohulls and Multihulls High quality manufacturing Optimized sections (widiarcl

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MAST SECTIONS S Performance - 2

S MAST SECTIONS OPTIMIZED SECTIONS n Wide range up to 80’ n 20 profils différents SECTIONS. Allures, C&C, Catalina, Comar, Dufour, Feeling, First, Garcia, Gibsea, Grand Soleil, Island Packet, Jboat, JPK, Lagoon, Oceanis, Outremer, Ovni, Pilot Saloon, Spirit, Solaris, Sunbeam, Sunfast, Sun Odyssey, Tartan, X-Yacht, Wauquiez, Winner, Sly,... Document non contractuel / Non contractual document © Robert Hajduk / Wave catamarans n The Sparcraft after sales service and Worldwide dealer network is at your disposal, to give you guaranteed professional service and maintenance to your product....

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