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Enclosure Bulkhead Wood, fiberglass, or metal Barrier Layer Decoupler Layer pler layer covered by a thin attractive vapor barrier facing acts as a second wall, in addition enclosure. This wall reflects noise back into Absorption Layer Absorbs reverberating space by filtering sound waves through fine porous foam or fiberglass. Film Facing clean surface protects from spills, mists, and Above: SOUNDOWN manufactures a wide range of insulation to meet specific needs. Left: SOUNDOWN'S custom cutting reduces labor, scrap and shipping costs. SOUNDOWN technicians work with digital files, drawings and complex patterns. Vinyl Foam Barrier Composite Vinyl/Foam composite noise that radiates from engines, and other machin- mass loaded vinyl sand- wiched between two layers of polyether fire retardant foam covered by a thin attractive vapor barrier of sounds from machines such as engines, genera- tors, pumps, and other marine equipment which may have significant base acoustic vinyl between equal thicknesses of foam, front and back.This config- and bass frequency sound other materials with only a thin foam layer on the backside; solely optimized Vinyl/Foam composite insulation from optimal sound attenuation within the available space. Soundown is able to tune this attenuation by utilizing posites. In areas where hatch and bulkhead clear- rier material so that per- mised. Likewise, in weight critical applications, lighter thicker composites. SOUNDOWN SOUNDOWN CORPORATION

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Barrier Foam Composites Decoupler Layer Polyether Polyurethane Absorber Layer Polyether Polyurethane 1.5 mil Ripstop MylarVapor Barrier Facing Typical Physical Properties Typical Acoustic Properties Transmission loss as published by SOUNDOWN and other manufacturers of composite insulation represent a test of the material alone without panel to it might be attached to in service.

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