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— Technical Specifications Tuff-Mass Barrier SOUNDOWN Tuff- Mass is a specially devel- oped mass layer product offering superior acoustic bined with good damping mass/damper sheet offers marine and land based below shows Tuff-Mass barrier. This typical appli- cation would improve transmission loss between adjoining spaces. gives it excellent perform- ance as a combined mass layer and damper when applied to partition panels bulkheads, reducing trans- mission of both airborne noise. Application direct to panels is best done with pre-applied pressure barrier materials, without using a fabric layer. This strength and tear resist- ance provides a barrier that is suitable for suspen- sion with mechanical fas- tenings, without the cost normally associated with laminated product. Tuff-Mass is black. Grey further reinforcement. square foot on 4.5' wide rolls up to 500 linear feet. A typical built-in-place insulation treatment showing Tuff-Mass Barrier being utilized between the 4-inch decoupler layer and 2-inch absorption layer creating a highly effective noise insulation treatment.

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