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Providing positive, cost effective results. Soundown Corporation manufactures and distributes noise and vibration con- trol materials for marine and many other industries.We provide informa- tion, technical assistance, and detailed installation instructions to assure our customers positive and cost effective Noise Barrier and Sound Absorption Materials Soundown BARRIER COMPOSITE MATERIALS use an array of base materials to achieve specific results, and are the best materials for lining engines, generators and other noisy spaces.These materials absorb reflect- ing noise within machinery space while creating an effective barrier against sound transmission through walls, panels and bulkheads. In some cases Barrier Composites are not required and Soundown provides ACOUSTIC ABSORBERS from a simi- lar array of base materials.These Acoustic Absorption Composites are lighter, and are manufactured from the same basic materials as the other Soundown manufacturing extends beyond these materials however, as we offer comprehensive solutions to noise problems.We also supply acoustic carpet underlayments, barrier sheets, vibration damping material, isolation materials, equipment isola- tors, engine mounts, shaft couplings and exhaust silencers. We stock a complete line of support materials and installation aids for our entire line results. Over the years we have provid- custom boat builders, naval architects, and boat owners. Our technology, engi- neering, and capabilities for reducing noise in marine applications are unmatched. Noise problems similar to those in marine applications occur across most industries and can be solved with our materials and experi- ence. Soundown manufactures a wide variety of noise and vibration control materials that meet the requirements of all our customers' specific needs. ■Acoustic carpet underlayment 2" barrier composite under cabin sole Barrier Composite ■Barrier Composite Typical Engine Compartment gram using quality Soundown products reduces noise and greatly around, your boat. Soundown sales engineers we supply are integrated with each Soindown Barrier Composites: an ideal start to engine room insulation. tact your local Soundown distributor, representa- tive, or our main office in Soundown's technical staff and trained distribu- tors are pleased to assist in solving your particular noise problem, what- other to achieve the best results. For ever it may be. rt) (iiu.z^wl {rave (rnAL.v W¥

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The Full Range of Soundown In marine and all other applications, there are two basic types of noise: AIRBORNE NOISE - radiating directly from the engine, transmission, exhaust, and other rotating equipment. STRUCTUREBORNE NOISE - vibra- tional energy imparted to the hull, super structure, and other components that is transmitted throughout the vessel and is then radiated as airborne noise. AIRBORNE NOISE is reduced using Soundown Barrier Composites and other Soundown Materials to block noise escap- ing from the engine area, and absorb Soundproofing Materials noise within the engine area....

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Acoustic Carpet Lindería Soundown Acoustic composite material using option for a soft or firm acoustic foam layer that feel. Soundown Carpet Underlay reduces noise radiating from carpeted insulation applied in engine spaces. Soundown Carpet Soundown Vibration Damping Sheets and Tiles easily applied, extensional reducing structural rever- berant "ringing" and struc- tureborne noise.This wide range of substrates, Soundown Damping plete line of interlayer damp- Soundown Engine Isolation Mounts are used tureborne noise from propulsion engines.We Flexible Engine Mounts both thrust taking and...

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Soundown Vibration Isolation Pads are based line which is a recognized industry.This load bear- faces, such as floors and joiner panels. Sylomer uses in a range of indus- tries such as railroads, construction, machine manufac- turing, and isolation of delicate vides this material in six differ- cated configuration. Soundown Installation adhesives compatible with mats. There are also epoxy systems available with aggressive Peel and There are several types of minum and stainless, or plat- ed steel.We also supply a complete line of edge tapes designed to match the insula- tion finish....

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