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This innovative, water resistant, sound and vibration absorbing product is made of expanded polypropylene pellets formed into rigid boards. Water Resistant Sound and Vibration Absorbing Panel weight, water resistant, absorbing panel system. acoustic liner within air inlet trunks and other ting) areas. It is also used thin panels, and as a light weight thermal treat- ment that does not absorb condensation. This product is made lene pellets formed into rigid boards. The technol- energy absorbing plastics material exhibits high resistance derived from These chemistry modifi- cations also enhance its unique sound absorption expanding polypropylene beads with hollow cavi- ties. The expanded beads hollow cores and cracks between adjacent beads allow sound into a labrynth-like path where QuietPro allows sound material that holds much less water than fiber based acoustic materials. value of 0.50. This value provides good sound applications, where fibrous or cellular foam with its sound and ener- make it an ideal core material for wall panels. panels using 1.75" core with .625" skin showed that QuietPro increased energy absorption lent mechanical energy absorption characteris- tics QuietPro is an ideal light weight vibration

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QuietPro meets the following ASTM ratings: Flame spread index (FSI) = 18 Flammability: Class I or A Rating Physical Dimensions & Weight 17 Lime Street Suite I PEACE AND QUIET sales@soundown.com

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