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PROMAGUARD is Certified MED & USCG Non-Combustible □ Promaguard Systems are Certified: □ MED A60 class Deck & Bulkhead for Aluminum Structures □ MED A60 class Deck & Bulkhead for Steel Structures □ MCA APPROVED for laminated GRP and sandwich structures as Equivalent BI5 (30min FP) For Short Range Yachts D RINA Chartering approved on wood bulkheads D RINA Chartering approved on Alu-honeycomb panels PROMAGUARD from concept in passive fire protection applying microporous insulation mineral matrix, PROMAGUARD features provides many direct advantages with weight lower than conventional making the panels ideal speed vessels. designed to meet SOLAS, passive fire protection. • High temperature •Very light weight •Thermal properties and fire protection systems requiring both extremely PROMAGUARD provides provides the same heat fibrous materials PROMAGUARD provides the lightest possible weight class fire rated system. Fibre free than conventional systems SOUNDOWN CORPORATION ACOUSTIC INSULATION DEAIL

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Promaguard - 2

BIOSOLUBLE CERAMIC FIBRE CALCIUM BILICATE MINERAL WOOL Length / Width An extensive fire testing program has been successfully carried out in our laboratory on the following structures using PROMAGUARD: • Deckhead and bulkhead Steel A60 • Deckhead and bulkhead Aluminum A30 - A60

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