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Acoustic Insulation Incombustible Microlite~msulation is specifically developed as a thermal and acoustical blanket for use in marine applications. Produced from fine glass fibers and bonded with a thermo- setting resin, it is lightweight, highly resilient and has nonsettling Available type Incombustible Microlite is furnished in standard sizes thicknesses insulation can be supplied plain or with a range of facing As an incombustible material with configuration for a range of military, USCG and IMO approved applications Microlite is suitable for any vessel or other floating application where fire rated materials are required. Microlite is designed specifically to provide thermal and acoustical insulation on hulls, bulkhead and deckheads aboard this wide range of vessels. High Thermal Performance. The extremely low thermal conductivity of Incombustible Microlite assures optimum operating efficiency of shipboard heating Fire Saftey. Incombustible Microlite is Coast Guard/IMO Approved 164.109/38/0 as an incombustible material. It also meets the requirements of NFPA 90A and 90B Standards, and has an FHC flame spread of less than 25 and a smoke developed rating of less than 50 per ASTM E 84 (when tested without of facings). Fast Installation. Microlite is easy to cut and fit, and can be fabricated with minimal time and effort. Large roll sizes minimize the amount of cutting required and reduce the need for seams that must be taped. Microlite is a flexible batt material and can be easily formed around beams and other structure. Coast Guard/IMO Flame Spread - Not exceeding 25 Smoke Developed - Not exceeding 50 ASTM C I 139 Types I & II, Grade I ASTM C 665 - Corrosion test Acoustic Performance

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