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Incombustible Hull Boards Technical Specifications Incombustible Hull Boards DESCRIPTION Incombustible Hullboards from Soundown are lightweight, semi-rigid board insulation made from felted glass fibers in a nominal density of 2.9 pcf (46.5 kg/m3). Soundown Hullboards are characterized by a low organic content, which promtes incmibustbility and makes them suitable for a range of military, commercial and pleasure craft. Available type Incombustible Hullboard is furnished in standard sizes of 24" x 36" (610 mm x 914 mm) and 24" x 48" (610 mm x 1219 mm) in a range of thicknesses. The insulation has a smooth surface which can be faced with a range of solid or perforated finish materials. Specifications Incombustible Hullboard complies with current military Applications As an incombustible material with configuration for a range of military, specification requirements for a MIL-I-742F,Type II; ASTM C 1139,Type I & II, Grade 6 and has been given U.S. Coast Guard USCG and IMO approved applications Soundown incombustible Hullboards are suitable for any vessel or other floating application Incombustible Hullboard is available be fabricated with here fire rated materials are required. waffleboard and perforated glass cloth as acoustic absorptive Board Soundown Hullboards are designed specifically to provide per Section 3.2.1 of MIL-A-23054A. thermal and acoustical insulation on hulls, bulkhead and deckheads aboard this wide range of vessels. Certificate of Approval No. 164.109/46/0. (ASTM C 1139 replaced MIL-I-22023D). Advantages High Thermal Performance. With a low “k” factor of 0.23 Btu•in/(hr•ft2•°F) at 75°F mean temperature (0.033 W/m•°C at 24°C), Incombustible Hullboard is highly effective in reducing heat transfer. Lower Fuel Contribution. When compared to standard hullboard not approved as incombustible, heat potential test results show that the total number of heat units (Btu's per lb.) released by Incombustible Hullboard are 50% less.These test results indicate the potential for a substantially greater degree of safety at sea. Fast Installation. The resilient, semi-rigid insulating board is easy to cut and fit, and can be fabricated with minimal time and effort.The standard sizes available help save cutting and trimming time and reduce waste. Kerfing "Vee grooves" for beam insulation can be handled cleanly on cutting tables 16 Broadway Salem, MA 01970 (800) 359-1036 Note: At times, a formal certificate of compliance is required to verify that a product meets an outside specification. In such instances, the request for the required certificate must be made at the time the order is placed. Acoustic Performance Thermal Performance

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