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Foam Side Floor Structure above noise source Material configuration or options Carpet Underlayment Acoustic Carpet boat's sound reduction insulation process. staterooms where nant source of noise in difficult to install prop- er engine room insula- tion. Underlayment foam layer supporting an acoustic vinyl barri- er. The foam layer acts layer from the floor effective barrier against noise radiating from noise excitation. Carpet underlayment is also very effective as part of a full insulation package. In cases where greater attenuation carpet underlayment will improve upon the engine room insulation package. carpet underlayment pled mass, but it will also seal areas such as hatches where leakage IISOUNOBI SOUNDOWN CORPORATION SOUNDOWN CORP JAL—LIFT fOLlbSïi'l ■TlO {2t».2fjwri> ENGINE EXHAUÎT PIPE

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Noise Reduction - Typical for Carpet Underlayment of Various Weights and Thickness QUIET

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