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- Erijjinn Nptsr - Open Cell Foam highest quality acoustical foam product available absorptive foam materi- multitude of facings such Vinyl. Pressure-Sensitive spray adhesives. Soundown's acoustic mulation that will outlast inferior polyester foams today.This polyether foam provides the high- will promote polyester foam disintegration dras- tically reducing the life of Soundown's Absorbing foams come in a variety thick, offering a high level of sound energy absorp- tion. Acoustic insulation sound energy, which dis- sipates sound as heat which reflects noise away from a location where tive material increases directly with thickness, in over which absorption frequencies require thicker absorptive layers. with the practical consid- Fig. 2A Typical sound absorption values for fiberglass and foams of various thickness

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Foam Material The Material Surface Density Thickness Soundown’s Acoustic Foam is produced on 54” (1.37m) wide rolls. The length of rolls varies by product thickness .07 .14 .21 .28 0.5” (12mm) 1.0” (25mm) 1.5” (38mm) 2.0” (50mm) lb/ft2 lb/ft2 lb/ft2 lb/ft2 Typical Physical Properties Polyether Resilience (Ball Rebound) 45% to 60% Load Bearing Range (@ 25% Compression) 0.20 to 0.45 pal (much higher on specialty polyether foams) Hydrosis Resistance (Activation Energy) Excellent 32,000 cal./mole Oxidation Resistance Excellent Resistance to Air Flow (1/2” H2O Pressure Drop) 2 to 5 cfm “K”...

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