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Just a note to thank all our valued customers for their support, insight, and trust. You have helped make SOTAR the toughest, lightest, highest performing inflatable available. From the first thermo-welded seams to the first self-bailing rafts, no manufacturer has contributed more breakthroughs than SOTAR. At SOTAR your ideas are important to us. Many new customers are surprised to find a company so open to new concepts. We are excited to share our knowledge to make your dreams come to life. With this dedicated team of surprise that SOTAR remains the industry leader. But SOTAR's customer...

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SOTAR PLAYS LARGf PART in $UCC€$$ Of f IRST D€C€fiT Of TH€ (LARKS f ORK Of TU€ «J€LLO WSTOilC RIVfR. "Planning this first decent of the (larks fork took over two years. After learning all that we could about the river, it was apparent that our eguipment would have to be the best. Not only would we need the toughest material, we would also need boats that were light enough to carry through the difficult portages. SOTAR was our clear choice." - fllârk'Shell "As a group, we decided to use SOTAR boats on our Clarks Fork trip because they are the lightest in weight and still the strongest Tve...

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Brochure - 4

Sotar rafts are proven performers. Their seven piece ends and large tube diameters make them the raft of choice for expeditions and competitions worldwide. Outfitters and private boaters alike love the way these ridged and light raft's perform. And perform they do. SOTAR rafts slide effortlessly over shallow rocks, punch big holes and are very difficult to wrap. SOTAR's unigue self bailing system gives you the chance to choose the self bailing speed you desire for optimum performance. Performance and durability have made SOTAR In designing the SL we avoided compromise and built a raft with...

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Brochure - 5

First designed in 1990, SOTAR's continuous curve Cat design has become the industry standard. By eliminating all cross miter seams we were able to decrease drag and increase performance. The continuous curve design allows the designer to change the shape of the tube gradually throughout the tube length. With this ability and our experience SOTAR has fine-tuned this shape to optimize speed, quickness and load carying capacity. In fact the SOTAR Continuous Curve Cat has won the Clackamass Whitewater Festival expert cataraft division since its introduction in 1990. Cats, by their nature, are...

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Brochure - 6

Cxplorer raft frame* The Explorer Frame is our most popular raft frame With two dry boxes and a large cooler rack, this frame hauls optimum gear with max- imum convenience. The dry boxes are mounted with our outfitter option, leaving the latches free to open undoing cam straps every time you want in your dry open at the same time. The adjustable foot brace rower. The most popular options adjustable tractor seat, powder removable jumpseats [full width available], Many frame Day Frames, stem frames, breakdown fly-in frames, SOTAR's Dual-Flex oars are light and strong with the perfect amount...

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Brochure - 7

tightly woven webbing floor rower and passengers while self-bailing you have come to expect in a cataraft. With cooler rack, this frame hauls optimum gear with dry boxes are mounted with our outfitter option, leaving the latches free to open without the straps every time you want in your dry box. The cooler rack is positioned so that the cooler and dry box lids can open at the same time. The adjustable foot brace insures a perfect fit for the rower. The most popular options are ethafoam padding on the dry box lids, adjustable tractor seat, powder coating, cooler and ammo can trays,...

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Brochure - 8

HIGH P€Rf ORiTlfìnC€, PORTA BL€R • Flat Drop Stitch Inflatable Floor - Adjustable Seat - Adjustable Foot Pegs * Thigh Straps - Lexatron Fabric Tight Flat Floor over the Inflatable Floor for High Performance and Durability commcRciflL QUALITY xm BAGS oz. Full Wrap Bottom DAY BAGS come in three sizes. The only Day Bags with a Ul oz. wrap bottom. CARGO BAGS are built for those large items that never seem to fit in traditional dry bags. With a 12" circumference opening, V oz. wrap bottom and strong carry handles, this bag can carry the load. GEAR BAGS come in five convenient sizes. Each bag is...

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