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INSTALLATION AND OPERATION MANUAL Sonihull House, 9 Mercia Village Torwood Close, Westwood Business Park Coventry, CV4 8HX, United Kingdom Tel. +44 (0)2476 105 150 Fax +44 (0)8459 002 197 Email Web © 2021 NRG MARINE. All Rights Reserved. [v.010121]

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Welcome to Sonihull Thank you for choosing the Sonihull ultrasonic anti-fouling system to protect your vessel from bio-fouling like algae, weeds and molluscs. In this manual we will guide you through the best practices for fitting your Sonihull system. Please read the printed fitting instructions before you start your installation. For further guidance, you can download the Sonihull app on your tablet or smartphone (Android and iOS devices supported). In the Sonihull app you will find fitting guides for all the items you can protect from marine bio-fouling. Everything from hulls, box...

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NORMAL STATUS FAULT STATUS OFF when not connected or in fault. Fault indication, check power & transducers. COMMENTS Flashing is normally due to incorrectly seated transducers.

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COMPONENTS INCLUDED Sonihull 4 Sonihull ultrasonic control unit with 4 outputs 4 x Ultrasonic Transducers each with 7.5m of cable and transducer mounting rings Mains cable with standard UK 3-pin fused plug Marine grade epoxy for bonding transducer mounting rings to surfaces Transducer gel TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Sonihull 4 Power Supply Approvals Voltage Power Consumption Supply breaker Ultrasonic Frequencies Control Unit IP Rating Transducer IP Rating Transducer Cable Length Weight Control Unit Dimensions Mounting Ring Dimensions Transducer Dimensions UL and CE 100-240V AC 50/60Hz or...

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SYSTEM INSTALLATION Job order for typical installation: 1. Plan the layout of your system and your cable runs 2. Ensure you have sufficient room for transducer and control unit installation. 3. Prepare the surface where your transducers are going to be mounted 4. Bond the Transducer Mounting Rings in place (Follow the guides on following pages and allow enough time for the epoxy to cure fully) 5. Mount the Control Unit and attach the AC and/or the DC supplies 6. Screw the transducers into the Transducer Mounting Rings 7. Run cables back to the control box (leaving enough slack for future...

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Transducer Location – STORAGE TANKS For large potable water storage, Sonihull can be used to keep water fresher for longer. Sonihull systems can also be used to protect fuel tanks against Diesel bug. Look to fit transducers in the middle of the tank sides, avoiding voids, air gaps and weld seams. Before Transducer Location – KEEL COOLERS Underwater heat-exchangers are prone to heavy bio-fouling by weeds, barnacles and mussels. This fouling impedes water flow and reduces the effectiveness of the cooling system, putting extra strain on your main engines and adding to maintenance costs. For...

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Transducer Location – BOX COOLERS Most box coolers can be protected from bio-fouling by two or more Sonihull transducers. One transducer should be mounted directly to the top plate of the box cooler, preferably close to the coolant inlet. Avoid any welded seams. On smaller box coolers, there may not be enough room to locate a transducer on the top plate. In these cases, consider fitting the transducer to the coolant inlet pipe with a Sonihull Pipe Adaptor. The second transducer should be mounted as close to the box cooler coils as possible – consider the dry side of transverse and...

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FITTING THE TRANSDUCERS - To Steel and Aluminium Surfaces The effectiveness of your system depends on correct installation. Below are the instructions for bonding the Transducer Mounting Rings to Aluminium or Steel surfaces.. The surface must be flat, smooth & clean prior to installation. Do not fit: On a weld seam. On top of weld spatter On a concave surface On a convex surface Within 150mm of a bulkhead or stiffener On a rough, oxidised or rusty surface The surface can be prepared as follows: 1. Once the desired location has been established remove any loose paint or coatings from the...

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FITTING SONIHULL - To GRP/ FRP Surfaces The effectiveness of your system depends on correct installation. Below are the instructions for bonding the Transducer Mounting Rings to GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic (or ‘fibreglass’) and FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic, like Carbon-fibre, Kevlar structures). The surface must be flat, smooth & clean prior to installation. Do not fit: If there is any damage or delamination below the transducer. On a convex surface. On a concave surface. Within 150mm of a bulkhead or stiffener On a rough or uneven surface On a wooden or ply-wood structure – wood...

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FITTING THE TRANSDUCERS - In ‘Foam Core’ or ‘Sandwich’ FRP GRP Constructions DANGER – Consult a qualified marine technician with GRP/FRP expertise before fitting Sonihull to Foam Core or ‘Sandwich’ structures. DO NOT FIT TRANSDUCERS TO THE INNER LAYER OF THE SANDWICH CONSTRUCTION The foam core will dampen the Ultrasound signal and the wetted surface will not be protected from bio-fouling. The transducer must have a clear line of transmission direct to the outer layerof the sandwich. To do this, the inner layer (and some of the core material below) must be removed. Once the outer layer of...

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FITTING PIPE ADAPTORS Once you have determined the outside diameter of the pipe you are fitting to, protecting pipework from biofouling is relatively straightforward. Take the correctly-sized Sonihull Pipe Adaptor and find a suitable location for bonding it to the pipework that’s being protected. Ensure you are at least 250mm from a pipe flange, valve-body or bulkhead. Consider accessibility for ease of installation and in the event of future maintenance checks. Prepare the pipe surface by sanding down any exterior coating. The goal is to provide a smooth, solid surface and a good ‘key’ for...

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TRANSDUCER MOUNTING ACCESSORIES ALUMINIUM MOUNTING RING - These marine-grade weldable aluminium mounting rings are ideal for larger aluminium hulls, jet drives, sea chests or other aluminium structures. The rings can be fitted as part of the standard build where Sonihull systems are offered as a buyer option. OFFSET (IPS) ADAPTOR - This bolt-on device allows ultrasonic transmission into surfaces that are hard to reach or acoustically isolated. The Offset (IPS) Adaptor is ideal for smaller applications where fitting access may be an issue. This simple solution allows you to offset a...

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