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Product Presentation Book Wherever there is a job to be done!

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Product Presentation BookSMST Wherever there is a job to be done!

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SMST is an internationally oriented company that designs and builds By the unique combination of our in-house design and engineering offshore equipment. The SMST products are divided in six categories: expertise, production facilities, testing capacity, worldwide installation drilling, pipelay, lifting, transport, vessels and navy. To meet the and service, SMST is able to deliver complete, turnkey systems that specific needs of our clients, our product range is constantly evolving. are built to customer’s specifications. All our products are designed Recent developments are the motion...

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• Globetrotter I & II • Noble Bully I & II • Leo Segerius & Roger Eason • Noble Phoenix • Deepwater Discovery • Hai Yang Shi You 707 • Noble George Sauvageau Product Presentation Book SMST Wherever there is a job to be done!

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Project Noble Globetrotter I & II Noble Globetrotter I & II For the innovative new compact drilling vessels for Noble Drilling, the Noble Globetrotter I & II, designed and delivered by Huisman Equipment, SMST has delivered the following range of custom made pipe handling and drilling equipment: • Knuckle boom pipe handling crane, with special SMST gripper for safe and fast handling of tubular up to 14” • 2 off catwalk machines, designed and built to handle both Marine Drilling Risers and smaller tubulars • Grippers for the pipe rackers for the vertical pipe storage carousels • Pipe gripper...

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Project Noble Bully I & II Project Noble Bully The new drilling vessels for Noble, the Noble Bully I and II, are the first drilling vessels equipped with the Huisman drilling tower. With Huisman Equipment as a main contractor, SMST is building and delivering for these vessels the pipe handling, skidding units and the riser handling equipment: • • Pipe handling hold cranes Pipe grippers > Project Noble Bully > Riser handling system > Pipe handling hold crane Riser catwalk machine Riser gantry crane Product Presentation Book SMST Wherever there is a job to be done!

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Projects Leo Segerius & Roger Eason Drilling vessels Leo Segerius and Roger Eason For the retrofit of the two Noble drilling vessels Leo Segerius and Roger Eason, SMST delivered, with Huisman Equipment as main contractor, two new riser gantry cranes with spreader. The crane can handle 40t risers with a length of 75 foot. The crane is fully electrical driven and carried out with its own E-room. The riser gantry crane consists of the following main parts: • Aft leg (with bogies and guide-wheels and spreader guide) • Fwd leg (with bogies and guide-wheels and spreader guide) • Main Beam (with...

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Project Noble Phoenix Noble Phoenix For the rebuilt of the Peregrine II, renamed the Frontier Phoenix and currently Noble Phoenix, SMST was asked to design, build and supply the complete pipe handling, BOP handling and Riser handling equipment. As designer of complete systems, SMST designed the entire logistic process for these items. We took care of the system integration between the individual equipment, like the central hydraulic power unit and the pipe routing. The following equipment was designed, fabricated and transported to the shipyard in Singapore for installation on board: • Pipe...

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Project Deepwater Discovery Project Deepwater Discovery For the refurbishment of the Deepwater Discovery, SMST built and delivered the following equipment: • Riser gantry crane, 50 tons capacity • BOP handling crane, 320 tons capacity, including BOP guiding system • C-cart, including skidding system, capacity 340 tons • Auxiliary C-cart, capacity 150 tons • Auxiliary pipe handling system > Riser gantry crane > Project Deepwater Discovery Product Presentation Book SMST Wherever there is a job to be done!

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Hai Yang Shi You 707 For the Hai Yang Shi You 707, the underwater integrated survey vessel of China Oilfield Services Limited (COSL), SMST has designed and built a geotechnical drilling system. The system is suitable for geotechnical sampling operations. The samples of seabed material can determine the most suitable type of foundation for offshore structures or wind turbines. The working area for COSL is the China Seas. The geotechnical drilling system for COSL consists of the following main items: • Geotechnical drilling system: drilling tower and drilling deck • Hoisting and travelling...

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Project Noble George Sauvageau Jack up drilling rig Noble George Sauvageau The Noble George Sauvageau is a jack-up drilling rig, originally built in 1981. As a replacement for the old 1,000,000 lbs drilling derrick, SMST Designers & Constructors built and delivered a new and larger 1,300,000 lbs drilling derrick, including pipe handling equipment, control cabin and hydraulic power pack. This project was executed in cooperation with Bailey. The derrick was designed and built at the SMST yard and shipped in three pieces for installation on board the Noble George Sauvageau. Because the derrick...

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• Technip/DOF • Aegir • Deep Energy • Seven Borealis • Seven Oceans & Seven Seas • Pertinacia & Polar Queen • Flintstone • Deep Blue • Lewek Constellation Product Presentation Book SMST Wherever there is a job to be done!

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Project Technip/DOF Technip/DOF For the five new build pipelay support vessels for the joint venture formed by Technip and DOF, SMST is building and delivering, with Huisman Equipment as a main contractor, a range of pipe lay equipment. The support vessels will be used to install flexible pipes. Two of the vessels will have a 340t laying tension capacity, the other three are designed to achieve a 650t laying tension capacity, enabling the installation of large diameter flexible pipes in ultra-deepwater environments. SMST designs and builds the following equipment per vessel: • End Handling...

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