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WORLDWIDE OPERATIONS BERGEN (NORWAY) SMST DRACHTEN (THE NETHERLANDS) SVIADNOV (CZECH REPUBLIC) HUISMAN HEADQUARTERS, SCHIEDAM (THE NETHERLANDS) HOUSTON, TEXAS (USA) FUJIAN (CHINA) HEADQUARTERS SALES SANTA CATARINA (BRAZIL) ENGINEERING PRODUCTION AFTERSALES & SERVICE SMST delivers complete, turnkey systems and innovative solutions by CONCEPT & PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT DESIGN & ENGINEERING lifting, drilling, pipelaying and specials. are required to operate in a safe, controlled and certified manner. the market’s existing technoWhen you need a solid temporary solution, SMST has the equipment you...

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OFFSHORE CRANES A SMST offshore crane is designed for a wide range of deck and offshore handlings. Vessels equipped with a crane from the SMST range are capable of handling, lifting and lowering equipment under rough sea conditions. The Active Heave Compensation System installed on the crane compensates the vertical motions of the vessel. Winches can be delivered in various sizes. From a small winch for deck-handling up to ultra- deep-water winches (up to 3000 meter). The cranes can be outfitted in different configurations: knuckle boom, telescopic boom, fixed boom or 3D knuckle boom. All...

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ACTA auwga 3D MOTION COMPENSATED CRANES The SMST Motion Compensated Crane (MCC) is designed to be mounted on Service Operation Vessels and Walk-to-Work Vessels. In harsh conditions, the Motion Compensated Crane safety transfers equipment to an offshore structure. The vessel motions are compensated in att directions by means of the 3D compensated knuckle. The main application of the crane is to move toots, smalt generators, spare parts and containers to offshore wind turbines and substations. As there is onty timited space on the ptatforms, it is important that the crane can position the...

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GANGWAY FEATURES IMPROVED VESSEL OPERATIONS  High workability, significant wave heights up to Hs 3m, high system speeds, longer telescopic stroke  Minimum deck space required  Low weight  Low energy consumption  High level of safety features  Easy to operate by own crew FULL PROJECT SUPPORT  Project-specific workability analysis  Vessel-interfacing engineering  Remote-access system  Operator training on training facility on site  Worldwide support TELESCOPIC ACCESS BRIDGES (TAB) SMST provides a wide range of Telescopic Access Bridges (TAB) for safe and easy transfer of personnel...

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GANGWAY MODULAR SETUP WORKABILITY Every vessel has its own motion characteristics which result in compensation movements of the Since jobs and vessels vary all the time, SMST wants to offer TAB. The system’s operational window must be con- you flexibility. It has developed Telescopic Access Bridges sistent with the area in which operations need to be comprising modular components. performed and with the vessel on which it is placed. Therefore, SMST has developed tools that indicate SMST’s configurator takes us into the modular-based setup, operational situation. WAVE PERIOD WAVE PERIOD 10...

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DRILLING EQUIPMENT SMST offers a wide variety of drilling equipment and is dedicated to exploring and putting into practice new solutions to improve drilling operations. Our projects are typically complex and innovative, requiring solution-oriented thinking, technical excellence and partnerships with our clients. SMST has a broad range of drilling systems which are suitable for various handling and drilling operations. Examples of deliveries are shown in the overview below, which gives you an impression of the wide possibilities of our modular drilling systems and pipe-, riser- and BOP...

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PIPELAY EQUIPMENT SMST offers a wide variety of pipelay equipment. Generally, the complexity of our projects and their innovative character require solution-oriented thinking, technical excellence, creativity and a passion for innovation. We can provide both standardized and customized pipelay systems, like PLET handling systems, workstations, spooling systems, etcetera. An overview of SMST pipelay systems is shown below. This general overview gives an impression of SMST solutions, designed for improvement of a broad range of pipelay operations. PRODUCT EXAMPLES SIZE S PLET HANDLING SYSTEMS...

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SELECTED PROJECTS GANGWAY M SERIES (RENTAL) SMST has been awarded various contracts for the rental of the Telescopic Access Bridge M Series with SERVICE & AFTERSALES MAINTENANCE Projects don’t stop after they have been delivered. active motion compensation. The gangways enable safe transfer of personnel and cargo. Systems will require the right maintenance to keep them in reliable working order. A few selected rental projects: SMST understands this and provides equipment with the right maintenance schedules to Client: Olympic Shipping AS Vessel: Olympic Taurus, Olympic Delta Vessel:...

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SMST DESIGNERS & CONSTRUCTORS BV 511151 De Steven 51-53 9206 AX Drachten PO Box 575 9200 AN Drachten The Netherlands

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