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HS-50™ - 1

Research Anemometer ■ Precision 3-axis sonic anemometer ■ Horizontal Head for Minimal Flow Disturbance ■ Stainless steel construction The HS-50 horizontal-head anemometer has been designed for scientific research applications requiring accurate 3-axis wind speed and direction information. This instrument utilises advanced ultrasonic measurement technology, with a unique horizontal head design that allows for more accurate measurement of vertical flows with minimal interruption from the anemometer geometry. The head features a built-in inclinometer for simple positioning of the instrument on a tower or mast. A separate electronic unit allows easy access to the PRT and 6 analogue inputs. HS-50 will monitor wind speeds of 0-45m/s, with a fast sampling rate of 50 Hz. The instrument can be positioned close to the ground or to crop and tree canopies for accurate measurement of surface turbulence. Wind Speed Ultrasonic Measurement Digital Output Analogue Inputs Analogue Outputs (Via supplied PCIA) "Accuracy specification applies for wind speeds <32m/s and for wind incidence <±150° in

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HS-50™ - 2

3-Axis Horizontal-Head Research Anemometer Typical Applications ■ Wind Turbulence Measurement ■ Remote Research facilties ■ Component Wind Velocity UVW ■ Off-shore installations ■ Wind Profiling ■ Test Sites Cable - 1.6m long (supplied) Cable not supplied (Optional extra) Specifications may be subject to change without prior notice. Skyview Centre, 9 Churchfield Road, Chilton Industrial Estate, email: systems@skyview.co.uk

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