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SISTEMATICA S.r.l. starts out as an Electronic Engineering Company A Company in constant evolution HANDHELDS Sistematica’s first Radio Remote Control is for the Agricultural sector The Firm is registered as a research lab accredited by MIUR First Radio Remote Control System with Sistematica patents (SAFETY POINT™ and TILTING HAND™ technology) The Business expands to the industrial production of Electronic Systems CLOSELINK bidirectional communication is introduced in the products, ensuring constant dialogue between handheld and controller Product restyling and creation of the CLASSIC Line...

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SmartLine In an interconnected world, Sistematica introduces an INNOVATIVE SYSTEM in the interaction between remote control and the machine. The electronic boards have been REVOLUTIONIZED and professional radio controls officially become part of a GLOBAL CONNECTIVE COMMUNITY, with countless operational advantages, standard APP and preventive online diagnostics directly from the workplace (WEB TOOLS). Through BLUETOOTH® communication and your Smartphone’s GPS, the MOBILE APP can REMOTELY update software and check parameters in real time, without waiting for a normal manual intervention. IT‘S...

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Handhelds - Smartline Moulded in a RESISTANT plastic material that protects them against accidental falls, an ERGONOMIC rubber shell, customizable serigraph stickers with logos or symbols, 10 mm diameter keys easy to identify at touch and a backlit keypad with twilight sensor to optimize consumption. Both Easy & Trend have 3 colour LEDs: green signals radio transmission and power supply, yellow indicates the SafetyPoint is operative, red shows if the battery is low. Pairing with a SMARTBOX is automatic and simple, as well software updates and diagnostics, which take place from a remote...

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POWER SUPPLY HANDHELDS EASY SMART Pocket-sized and customizable SMART radio remote control up to 6 keys, in addition to the START & STOP functions. It can be configured with its OLED screen to display customized alarms or logos, as well as the backlit keypad option. The standard version also has the default Maintained function (M = each function is active only by keeping the corresponding key pressed down). TECHNICAL FEATURES Up to 6 (in addition to START & STOP) n. 2 AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries n. 2 x 1.2V NIMH rechargeable AAA batteries (optional) STAND-BY ABSORPTION

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TREND SMART This remote control con have up to 14 keys on its keypad, in addition to the START & STOP functions. Its versatility consists in being able to manage a total of 56 commands through the PAGE CHANGE function. The version with OLED screen will have up to 10 keys. Up to 56 functions managed with "page change" POWER SUPPLY n. 2 AA 1.5V alkaline batteries n. 2 x 1.2V NIMH rechargeable AA batteries (optional) STAND-BY ABSORPTION AVERAGE ABSORPTION DURING 30 mA D Among the Safety options, the addition of an Emergency 'Mushroom' button is possible and, on demand, this can have a PLd CAT....

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EGO EGO is a hybrid generation that can be combined both with Classic line Controllers, and with a SMARTBOX and other SmartLine options, though it does not have Bluetooth so it cannot be riprogrammed remotely. Born with a graphic LCD screen, it has a very visible display as it needs to manage many functions that the user can easily call up and view. Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries ensure the operativity of all functions, including the backlight of the screen and keypad. The handheld is equipped with a specific charger that also acts as a table stand. TECHNICAL FEATURES STAND-BY ABSORPTION...

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Handheld options SMARTLINE handhelds can be equipped with NiMH rechargeable batteries, wall or table support (EGO has its own specific support sold together with the product as a charger), or the OLED screen. Among the optional functions, you can activate either the BUZZER or, alternatively, the VIBRACALL or the LED “torch”. SERIGRAPHS and KEYS are all customizable with colours, pictograms or symbols, as well as SOFTWARE, which can be modified on demand and updated online through the appropriate APP for SMARTPHONE (excluding Ego). Among the non-standard safety options we find the...

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SMARTBOX - SmartLine Sistematica SMARTBOXs all have a default LIGHT GUIDE, an integrated INTERNAL ANTENNA, the EMERGENCY OUTPUT (output active for the whole work session) and the MASTER OUTPUT (output that is activated at the same time as the others, suitable for valve control bypass or pump remote control switches, present in most hydraulic systems). Each device is also identified by a unique code defined at origin that prevents its interaction with other systems. Multiple devices can therefore operate in the same area, without interfering with each other. TECHNICAL FEATURES DEGREE OF...

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SMARTBOX 8 TECHNICAL FEATURES N.OUTPUTS N. DIGITAL INPUTS N. PROPORTIONAL OUTPUTS MAXIMUM TOTAL CURRENT DIMENSIONS (H X W X D) 8 (6 + MO + EO on START) 1 (1 output is lost) 1 (2 outputs are lost) 10A 108 x 110 x 44 mm SMARTBOX 20 TECHNICAL FEATURES CANBOX OPTION SMARTBOX 8 and 20 can both host the CANBUS option within their hardware configuration. The peculiarity of this option is being able to receive a radio signal from a handheld (EASY-TREND-EGO), retransmitting to a Canbus serial line. This allows the Can outputs to go into a second programmed control unit, also equipped with a Canbus...

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OPTIONS INPUT EXPANSION PLUG SMARTBOXs can be equipped with an input expansion plug that adds a total of 14 digital inputs + 2 analog inputs 0-10V + 2 analog inputs 4-20 A. In some cases the inputs are to be considered as an alternative to the outputs. LEFT ROTATION, REMOTE TILTS LEFT SLOWS DOWN PROPORTIONAL OUTPUT (TILTING HAND) SMARTBOXs have the ability to control an output proportionally: by pressing the desired button on the handheld while rotating the wrist and tilting to the left or to the right to adjust, for example, the velocity of the operation. STARTING POSITION RIGHT ROTATION,...

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