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Sirius 40 DS - 1

“Best Bluewater Cruiser“

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Sirius 40 DS - 2

“If a boatyard lik e the north German “Sirius-W erft” is going to launch a new sailing yacht, you can be confident that she will be extraordinary.” We proved this to be impressively correct when we launched our new line in 2010 , starting with the Sirius 35 DS , following an intensive five-year development programme of preparation , a design contest with four naval architects and our own in-house team, and after making a comprehensive survey of our customers. Based on this, and supported by more than 40 years of experience and tradition , we took our unique concept of Deck-saloon yachts to...

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Sirius 40 DS - 3

“The Sirius 40 DS is most probably the best production built boat ever.” “Sirius is a small family boatyard that is to be taken very seriously . They build some extraordinary yachts. Because of the loyalty of it's customers and the uniqueness of it's products, it's the kind of boatyard able to mak e its way effortless through any crisis.” “What I find most striking about this boat is the enormous amount of thought that has gone into the design.” “Exclusive carefree package – Highest standard of quality into the smallest detail and a concept of unusual versatility . The Sirius 40 DS defines...

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Sirius 40 DS - 4

“The Sirius 40 DS Stands for rich ideas and a sailing thrill.” A yacht as individual as you From our experience, every customer is someone special and has different needs for their sailing . From single-handed to family comfort , from coastal hopping to ocean crossing in very hot or very cold climate... Consequently, no two yachts that leave our yard are exactly the same. Additionally you have the choice – depending on your sailing area and preferences - between five different drafts , various mast and sail configurations , several exciting and surprisingly variable interior versions ,...

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Sirius 40 DS - 5

“The high profile sail plan and good sails enable us to have some fun, despite the lightness of the wind.” Test „She tacked through 80° and was most comfortable at around 32° off the apparent wind.” "A semi-custom-yacht, where everything is designed to make life easier.” “Hoisting and trimming the sails is child’s play.” “It's clear that the guys at the Sirius yard don't think in terms of 'standard' solutions.” “The best is not good enough for Si rius, it must be perfect! „German engineering at it’s best!“ “With the big Genoa, the sail area / displacement ratio is 5.1”

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Sirius 40 DS - 6

"…all on the same level, the saloon area inside and the cockpit outside merge into one living space with perfect communucation and visual contact.“ Meeting at eye level The philosophy behind all of our Sirius deck saloon yachts lies in the interconnectivity of the most important living areas on board. On the Sirius 40 DS , the same eye-level visibility is shared between the saloon and the cockpit making it easy while sailing , to relax in the comfort of the protected saloon without worrying about sea sickness , to remain in contact with the helmsman and crew – simply enjoy life on board....

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Sirius 40 DS - 7

“Taking time to look around is a joyful journey of discovery , everywhere are small surprises and clever little details to be found. Storage space is in abundance, as well as spaces for big bags and boxes.” „By this point you start to swear that a cruising yacht without a deck saloon is rather like a pencil without any lead – pointless.” Enjoy sailing on a different level

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Sirius 40 DS - 8

The saloon forms the heart of the Sirius 40 DS. With around 2 meters of head-room , the saloon enjoys an elevated position with a comfortable round settee from where one can enjoy a panoramic view all around. The generous living area , the stylish ambience and the many large windows make life pleasant and comfortable on board, even during rainy and stormy days in the harbour. “Well thought-out and extremely spacious design.” “A homely atmosphere with a view in all directions”. “The all round glassed deck saloon offers full comfort at a superior level.”

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Sirius 40 DS - 9

“The success is not only due to the comfort of this deck saloon design, but equally due to the care for detail which can for exam ple be seen in the attention given to the storage space and the ventilation.” Standing in front of the galley , or sitting in the inside command position , you are exactly at eye-level with your smaller and taller crew members, sitting in the saloon, even with those in the cockpit. While sailing, this generates a totally new 'way of being', not just a life revolving around the cockpit. The connection of the living areas

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Sirius 40 DS - 10

“...strikingly high standard of craftsmanship and exquisite equipment.” “...endeavour towards absolute perfection...” Galley The galley is situated at the same eye-level as the opposite side seating area. Because of the panoramic view, even the chef in the galley stays fully involved in the activity on and around the boat. Comfort features: Fridge , cool box and/or freezer compartment , half-gimballed stove with oven, if required – microwave with grill, dishwasher, and – as throughout the saloon – more than 2 metres of headroom. The storage space will surprise you! Everything is easily...

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Sirius 40 DS - 11

“The interior command position allows you to steer as easily as from the cockpit.” The Interior command position The interior command position (optional) is located directly under the large perspex sliding hatch and enables you to helm comfortably, protected in all weather conditions. If required , it could also be provided with a wheel steering, or with a chart table and electronic steering. The saloon steering position is well equipped with engine controls, instruments and navigational aids, and has outstanding visibility in all directions. The “captain’s chair” can be adjusted in height...

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