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Sirius 310 DS | English - 2

1971 More than 40 years of boatbuilding experience, sailing and seafaring imbue every detail with tradition, experience and innovation. “When it comes to accommodation, sailing performance, build quality and scope for customisation in a 31-footer, the Sirius 310 DS sets the standard, says David Harding So is she really all things to all men (and women)? That’s what it sounds like on paper, though how a designer and builder can squeeze up to two generous double cabins, 1.9m (6ft 3in) of headroom throughout, cavernous cockpit lockers and vast amounts of stowage into a boat of this length that...

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Sirius 310 DS | English - 3

Solid, fast and comfortable „The little sister of the 35 DS combines an unusual amount of living space, a thoroughbred Interior and semi custom build individuality.“ “The Sirius 310 DS provides unique living comfort together with good sailing performance. … Top quality workmanship, superior use of space” Ask any of today’s cruising yachtsmen to describe the boat of their dreams and most will demand cruising comfort combined with first-class sailing characteristics and sea-worthiness. They will also want generous headroom and cabin space, a warm and comfortable shelter in rough weather...

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Sirius 310 DS | English - 4

“The first sight of the boat immediately tells you that she is something special. … Three side windows give a particularly special character to the interior of the central cabin, which is increasingly appreciated during the voyage – it is not surprising that we all imagined this cabin as the one for ourselves. … The boat has a great manoeuvrability under engine. … A light northerly breeze was sufficient to push the boat into the wind at over 5 knots with the jib and main. …When helming, the view through the cabin windows is uniquely good. …the 310 has a lot of technical features that can...

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Sirius 310 DS | English - 5

The 310 DS is the second of the new designs for Sirius from the board of Marc-Oliver von Ahlen. The design was selected following a large competition, and with extensive input from owners and others passionate about the marque. The clean lines of the design were then brought into reality by the skills of our team at the Sirius yard. The 310 DS is the “smaller sister” of our Sirius 35 DS, which was nominated as ‘European Yacht of the Year 2010/2011’. ‘Yachting Monthly’, the English sailing magazine, awarded the 35 DS the highest score that it has ever given in a boat test by some distance....

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Sirius 310 DS | English - 6

The design of the living areas The philosophy behind the design of our deck-saloon yachts lies in the inter-connection of the most important living areas on board. What we mean by this is that everyone, whether in the galley, the saloon, at the interior helm or in the cockpit can enjoy the fun of sailing. Everyone is at the same eye-level, so that all enjoy the same views as the helmsman, whether they are at work in the galley or relaxing in the corner of the saloon, and everyone remains closely in contact with each other. Under way, the dining table makes a huge navigation desk, and the...

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Sirius 310 DS | English - 7

“There are no alternatives to be found on the market for those who seek the comfort of a real deck saloon yacht, at least not with this ability and with this massive amount of space. The Sirius easily surpasses any 35- or 36 foot yacht with regard to pure comfort in a boat for two people with guests. In addition, the high quality of the building process guarantees a long life with exceptional resale value.” “On both boats the finish is hard to fault, the level of detail is superb and every cubic inch of space is used.”

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Sirius 310 DS | English - 8

The galley Standing in the galley, your eye is at the same level as someone sitting in the saloon. Thanks to the view, the cook in the galley is fully involved in the activity on and around the boat. Glancing up, the cook can help keep a look-out for other boats, for interesting wildlife, or for passing buoys. All this helps to make it far less likely that the cook will suffer any ill-effects from being ‘down below’. Convenient features in the galley include a refrigerator and/or a cool box or freezer, a half-gimballed stove with oven and grill (if desired), a double sink and – as...

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Sirius 310 DS | English - 9

“The classic Sirius features, such as the expensive, hand-varnished and then waxed interior made out of mahogany, are standard on board every 310. Anyone who has a love for high-quality boat building, can spend hours caressing immaculate veneers and edgings or play "the drawer-memory game"! Each cubic centimetre of the interior volume is used.” The saloon steering position can be equipped with engine controls, navigation aids, and electronic or wheel steering. Here, you can helm comfortably, protected from the weather, next to the navigator seated at the large saloon table in its role as...

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Sirius 310 DS | English - 10

You have the choice Every Sirius is built to the specific requirements of the owners, so that their ideas about the design and equipment can be fully incorporated. This close cooperation and our accumulated experience have led, in recent years, to some interesting lay-outs and variations in equipment. In turn, many of these ideas have been adopted into the further development of our boats, or they have become available as interesting possibilities for others. In our experience, every customer is someone special and has different demands regarding the sail configuration, draft, potential...

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Sirius 310 DS | English - 11

4-berth Version with Shower Version with separate Shower Version with Luxury Shower 4-berth Comfort Version with staggered Berths Version with staggered Berths 4-berth Comfort Version with Library Version with central access to the Berths 3-berth Comfort Version with Technical Room 2-berth Comfort Version with Office with Guest Berths, here with Internal Steering with Pilot Berth, here with separate Chart Table Which is your Layout ?

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Sirius 310 DS | English - 12

“Like her bigger sisters, the 310 fits in more living space than a competent sailing boat of her size has any right to. …a capacious double cabin, with a berth that’s excellent out at sea because, being central and low down, it’s close to the centres of pitch, roll and yaw. Down here in port or at anchor you won’t be disturbed by water slapping under the stern, while having the cabin in the middle leaves the space under the cockpit seats free for a pair of vast lockers.” 4-berth variants In our ever-popular 4-berth versions, a spacious owners’ cabin is provided beneath the raised seating...

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