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Tips, Tricks & Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks Mounting Location Mounting Bracket Testing Signal Strength Bilge Monitoring, Two Wire Sensor Float Switch or Bilge Pump Monitor Resistance Probe Run Time Alerts Unresponsive Siren Marine Unit Siren Marine Unit Does Not Respond to SMS Commands Geo-­‐Fence is Reporting False Alerts No GPS Fix

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Tips & Tricks There are many ways to maximize the utility of your Siren Marine device. This PDF has lots of helpful ‘tips and tricks’ as well as diagrams, technical details and troubleshooting advice. Ways to Maximize Your Installation Vertical Orientation is Key When choosing a location to mount your unit, keep a few things in mind. The unit must be mounted in a vertical orientation. A slight tilt, up to about 25 degrees, with the face of the unit towards the sky is acceptable for the GPS antenna to acquire properly. Mounting Bracket The included mounting bracket can be...

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Bilge Monitoring Protecting against water intrusion into your boat is one of the most common problems and potentially the most catastrophic events that Siren Marine helps you mitigate. Our Siren Marine units can be configured to monitor bilge activity in multiple ways through connecting to a float switch, resistance probe, high water alarm, automatic bilge pump, or the unit’s wires. Two Wire Sensor Our two wire electronic water sensor is one of the most basic ways our unit can help you monitor water level. From your wiring harness, simply connect two more extension wires from the blue...

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using a 12v pigtail and measure the run-time. You can set the device to start timing every time the pump is turned on. If it runs for more than say, 3 minutes, you get a ‘bilge pump over-run alert’. Why is this useful and important? Lets say that you boat is safely tied to the dock or mooring, and a large vessel passes by throwing off a big wake. Your boat rocks around and the float switch flips on from residual water in the bilge and gets stuck in the on position. Your bilge pump is running and yet there is no water in the bilge. Two things will certainly result: your batteries are going...

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When entering the call to phone numbers, do not use spaces or formatting. For example, if you wanted to add the number {(123) 456 – 7890} to the number one spot in your Siren Marine unit, the message you would send would be {adph1 8digitpasscode 11234567890}. Problem: Geo-­‐Fence is Reporting False Alerts 1. Your geo-fence is probably too small, and you should try increasing the radius (Set radius above 25 meters). Accuracy is a variable of many different things, atmospheric conditions, unit location, time of day, sun spots, surrounding building and terrain. All Siren Marine products...

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