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Sprite Enclosure Physical dimensions All high impact plastic enclosure with waterproofing gasket and molded cable gland. Weight: Operating Temp: Storage Temp. Tracking / GPS Built-in GPS gives GPS location delivered by SMS. GPS receiver built in, with internal antenna Geofence capability enables an imaginary perimeter to be set around an asset's position. If the asset moves outside the boundary (fence) the Siren Unit responds with an immediate "Transgression" SMS (Text) message followed by position messages at preset time or distance intervals. Current asset position can be polled at any time from user's cellphone. Devices will respond with Lat and Long info, speed, course and Altitude. Position is delivered as a hyperlink for instant plotting onto Google Map. Geofence Limits Factory presets: Yes User defined with 15m minimum radius limit. Geofence Radius = 100 meters Timed reports after Geofence transgression every 5 minutes. Distance-based reports disabled but can be user activated. Messaging Direct Sprite/Pixie to cellphone SMS service. No message center, no monitoring fees, no GPRS servers, no Internet and no wired phone lines are required. Email is supported where networks publish an SMSC Gateway phone number. Prepaid cards are supported. Factory preset messages according to switch assignment. Messages are user-changeable. Sends SMS message to up to 4 recipients Yes Only out of North America Yes yes via SMS Messages and USB Yes Input Monitoring Functions Any contact opening or closing can be sensed. Factory switch assignments deliver appropriate messages. All messages are factory defaulted but easily changed by user via text message. Five-level programmable DELAY in each switch Default Factory input switch settings Sw#1: Sw#2: Sw#3: Sw#4: Sw#5: Sw#6: Bilge level Float Door/Hatch Entry User Assigned User Assigned User Assigned User Assigned Remote Control Outputs Output 1 Output 2 Built-in RELAY that can switch 1 amp load. Same voltag as supply voltage of the main unit. Designed to control an external relay for remote switching of any load and voltage. Built-in RELAY that can switch 1 amp load. Same voltag as supply voltage of the main unit. Designed to control an external relay for remote switching of any load and voltage. External Power source voltage (Ship's Battery). 9' temperture probe for 'spot' temperature. -22 F (-30 C) to 230 F (110 C) Other features Secure system only allows user-registered devices to operate on system. Four (4) phone number call directory. Built in Temperature sensor delivers SMS of temp in C/F degrees. Temperature (Low/Normal/High) alarms factory set, user adjustable. Internal Backup battery precentage delivered by SMS. GSM and GPS signal levels and status delivered by SMS. All Latitude and Longitudes delivered as Google Map hyperlinks. Power Loss and Power recovery alarm delivered by SMS. Allows checking of prepaid simcard balance remotely, where network permits. Phonebook inter-messaging Languages. Offers backup, download and cloning functions. input switch programable delay User HELP messages sent by request. User-definable periodic report delivers all readings and device states as one SMS message. Command Language Interpreter accepts multiple embedded commands in text messages for execution. Includes programmable Wait periods, switch activation and output control commands. Yes Yes -40ºF to -185ºF (-40ºC to 85ºC) Also Max & Min recorded temp over set period. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes - network dependent yes English Using mini-USB Cable and custom software (dealer only) yes yes Yes Yes Technology Utilizes latest Swiss GSM and GPS technology. Quad Band GPS 850MHz/ 900MHz/ 1800 MHz/ 1900MHz: Receiver sensitivity: Transmitter power: INTERNAL High gain GPS and GSM antennas. External provision. External Connections Power supply: Charger current: Standby Battery: Intelligent Battery management Yes Yes -110dBm 2 Watt EGSM/GSM 850 1 Watt GSM 1800/1900 Yes Yes by special order Single multi-core waterproof cable provided. 5/16 ring terminal connectors 12 to 24Vdc below 40 mA typical quiescent 1,800 mAH Li Ion Built-in. Up to 4 days reserve. *varies with charge state, temperature and battery age. Yes

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