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Peace of Mind with Smart Boat Technology Siren Marine is revolutionizing the boating experience with our Connected Boat® technology. Boat owners, fleet operators, and boat builders can now access critical information instantly and enjoy having peace of mind with the Siren Marine App. With Siren Marine, you will be able to monitor, track, control, and secure your boat remotely and onboard. Our products are designed to detect a problem on your boat before it becomes critical by connecting data directly to your smart phone or tablet in real time. Siren Marine’s technology developed “by...

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Siren 3 Pro Standard Features The Siren Marine Siren 3 Pro is leading the future of the Connected Boat® by offering the most versatile and reliable vessel management system on the market. The Siren 3 Pro operates with global 4G/5G LTE cellular connectivity, includes options for both wired and wireless sensors, and includes a connection to the NMEA 2000 network. With a Siren Marine subscription, you will have full access to your Siren 3 Pro from our easy-to-use smart device app or fleet management site. Please visit to purchase your choice of a monthly, annual,...

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High Water Track the location and movement of your boat and set a geofence that will provide a notification if the boat leaves or enters that zone. Place high water sensors throughout the boat and receive alerts for high water levels with wired and wireless sensors. Battery Functions • Voltage and low battery monitoring • Remote battery switching with optional accessory Blue Sea Switch #7713 • Battery switch on/off monitoring. Engine Metrics • Single-engine hardwired connections can be set up to monitor engine hours and maintenance cycles. • With the NMEA 2000 connection, monitor engine...

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Siren 3 Pro Standard Features (Continued) NMEA 2000 Monitoring and Control Connect to the powerful marine standard of inter-product communications. The Siren 3 Pro connects directly to the NMEA 2000 data line. An NMEA 2000 cable and T-connector are required for this feature. Optional NMEA 2000 connection hardware available at Additional NMEA 2000 capabilities are continuously being developed by Siren Marine and will be delivered by Siren Marine’s powerful Over the Air (OTA) upgrade portal. NMEA 2000 features are available on the Siren Marine App and SirenFleet portal. NMEA...

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Package Contents Main Device Wiring Cable 1 & Connection Hardware Cellular & Wireless Sensor Antennas (installation required) Mounting Bracket & Mounting Hardware Installation Guide Siren 3 Pro Installation Guide Siren 3 Pro Mobile App Guide

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Wire Color 1. Unscrew the wiring cable connector cap on the Siren 3 Pro device to expose the cable connector (this will be labeled Harness 1 on the back of the device). Installation Instructions Remote Arm/Disarm 2. Attach the wiring cable connector and device connector by carefully aligning the 12 Pins and the keyed slot, then screw together firmly. High Water 3. Connect the ground (-) wire (black) on the wiring cable to a battery negative post or common ground. Dark Green Ignition/Engine Hours Blue Sea Battery Switch (#7713) Battery Switch ON/OFF Indicator Light Green Shore Power 4....

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Wiring Cable 2 Installation Instructions 1. Unscrew the wiring cable connector cap on the Siren 3 Pro device to expose the cable connector (this will be labeled Harness 2 on the back of the device). 2. Attach the wiring cable connector and device connector by matching the 12-PINs, then screw together tightly. 3. Connect selected wired sensors using Posi-TapTM connectors, terminal block, or other connection type. Wire Color Dark Green Accessory Ground Light Green

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Antenna Connections (Required) The Siren 3 Pro comes with an external cellular antenna and an external wireless sensor antenna. These antennas are required and are not interchangable. The Siren 3 Pro features an internal GPS antenna that is used for most installations. If the device is being mounted where it is not possible to receive a GPS signal, an external Siren GPS antenna can be used as an alternative. This can be found on our products page at Installation Instructions To connect antennas, remove caps on the cellular and wireless connectors and screw antennas on as...

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Mounting & Installation The Siren 3 Pro device is supplied with a mounting bracket and (4) #5 3/4” stainless flat head Phillips mounting screws. We recommend the Siren 3 Pro be installed in a covered area, such as under the helm or in a cabinet and away from metal material that may cause signal interference. The Siren 3 Pro should be installed in a vertical position to obtain optimal GPS signal. If installing the Siren 3 Pro horizontally, we recommend purchasing the external GPS antenna available on Mounting Installation Steps 1. Hold the mounting bracket in desired...

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Getting Started Requirements Before you begin, ensure that you have the necessary equipment and subscription needed to operate your Siren 3 Pro: Main Device Siren 3 Pro Wiring Cable 1 9-30 VDC Battery/ Power Supply Siren Marine Subscription (available at Siren Marine Mobile App (iOS / Android)

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Battery Connection READ BEFORE CONNECTING POWER The supplied Wiring Cable 1 comes with 5A inline fuse which connects the device to your vessel’s battery and provides all power required by the Siren 3 Pro. Power may be provided directly from the battery posts or any unswitched power circuit that is powered by the battery. Note: Power must be fused for device protection. The Wiring Cable 1 has two inline fuses included for this purpose. Important: Do not wire the Siren 3 Pro to the switched side of a battery switch. Ensure the Siren 3 Pro is connected to 24/7 power. Connect to Power The Siren...

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Connect to Power (Continued) The Siren 3 Pro is supplied with a 5A slow fuse and is fitted between the Siren 3 Pro and the power supply. The LEDs on the Siren 3 Pro will indicate connection activity for Cellular, GPS, and Wireless Sensors, NMEA, and Satellite. Some features may require additional hardware, or may be for future product capabilities. See page 25 for complete LED indication table. Battery 1 Connection and Monitoring The Battery 1 connection powers the Siren 3 Pro and can be monitored through the Siren Marine App. This battery is displayed on the app in the Battery 1 tile by...

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