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Over 60 years & 43 NMEA awards Trust Simrad to keep you on course

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Compensating for wind and tide, a Simrad autopilot frees you from constant course corrections when you're busy trawling for game fish, planning your next destination, or just cruising. Simrad's autopilot systems give you reliable and accurate control over your heading, without years of experience at the helm - saving you time and fuel by making efficient turns, and keeping you closer to your planned course. Predetermined turn patterns and features such as automatic depth-contour following assist with fishing or diving: taking the helm so you have more time to spend on the offshore...

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MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR TIME ON THE WATER • Stay in control: Our range of dedicated autopilot displays and controllers lets you create a control scheme that best fits your boating life. • Bring it all together: Integrate with a Simrad chartplotter/multifunction display to control your autopilot from a modern glass-bridge installation. • Chart your course: MFD integration gives you full course control with route navigation – lay down waypoints with just a touch. • Trackback: Combining a Simrad echosounder, chartplotter, and autopilot makes it easy for sportfishers to track back to promising...

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What’s right for your boat? Choose Your 1 With a SimradControl Option autopilot, the choice Select your accessories 3 Add a steering lever or QuickStick™ of display and controller – the parts of your autopilot you’ll actually see and interact with – is up to you. joystick for precise heading control, easily create a dual-helm setup, or integrate your autopilot with sonar, radar and satellite navigation. Know your steering system 2 Below deck, the steering An authorised installer will ensure you get the right Simrad autopilot system for your vessel, and that it’s set up to deliver the...

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1 Select your controller NSO evo2 Modular Performance Navigation System 16, 19 and 24-inch touchscreen or non-touch displays Full Pilot Control - Super Easy Operation Perfect for motoryachts, cruisers, and larger sportfishing boats Combo GPS/Sonar and Chartplotter "All-in-One" Displays 7, 9, 12 and 16 inch touchscreen displays TouchSensible™ rotary dial and keypad controls Full Pilot Control - Super Easy Operation Fits most power cruising and sportfishing boats Provides full autopilot control on non-touch NSO evo2 displays Combine with touchscreen displays for the best of both controls...

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DESIGNED TO STEER YOUR BOAT AP70 COMMERCIAL GRADE AUTOPILOT: With dedicated autopilot button, rotary-dial steering on TouchSensible™ models, and full on-screen autopilot controls, our multifunction displays are all you need to control your Simrad autopilot. For more information on our Professional line of Autosteering solutions at Recreational chartplotter/MFD system with built-in GPS & echosounder Dedicated autopilot display and controller AP28 model includes rotary dial for easy heading adjustment TouchSensible™ rotary dial and keypad controls Full autopilot...

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Select your AP System based on your steering system A. Know your steering system B. Used on Typical Boat Types Hydraulic & Hydraulic Power Assisted (with RAM or Cylinder) Low Current Virtual Rudder Feedback (VRF) AC12 RC42 000-11037-001 Provides ideal response time of 10-13 secs for a typical hyd. cylinder (8-10 cubic in) to move full port to full starboard. Single Outboards Twin Outboards (single hyd. cylinder <15 cubic in) Inboards (steering cylinders < 15 cubic in) Low Current w/Rudder Feedback AC12 RC42 RF300 000-11036-001 AC12 Low Current computer for use with RPU80 and Solenoids....

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3The Autopilot checklist Step 1: Select Your Controller What control options do I want? Dedicated Controller: Integrated Navigation System: (e.g. mechanical or linear) □ Not required - I have electronic steering system □ Not required - I already have an autopilot pump installed Step 3: Select Accessories from Accessory Table Do I want remotes, upgrades or any additional steering stations? Use a QR Code reader app on your smartphone to access I simud cj Advantage J SERVICE © Navico 2014. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Products, features and...

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