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Comes with: • 2 Year Warranty • Extended Warranty Options • 5 Year Upgrade • Global Service Network +Certified Vessels: • 2 Year Onboard Support • 24 Hour Replacement © Navico 2018. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Products, features and specifications are the most recent available and are subject to change without notice. No liability can be accepted for errors or omissions in this document.

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image © Billy Black We're committed to delivering marine electronics to enhance your every moment on the water. That means intuitive displays that are easy to use from the moment you step on board, and simple to customise to suit your boating lifestyle. It also means building in more functionality at the factory, and supporting it with on-board upgrades, to give you the greatest value for your boating budget. Cruise in unparalleled comfort, extend your horizons, or tackle the big offshore game. Whatever your ultimate destination, we've got the gear you need to get there. image © Billy Black...

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POWERBOAT SYSTEMS Small & Medium Powerboats Single station powerboats Radar Broadband 4G™ Radar VHF/AIS Radio RS35 Radar Broadband 4G™ Radar Halo™ Radar Flybridge 2x NSO evo3 (24”) Autopilot Computer NAC-2 Helm Station Dual NSS evo3 12” or 16” Motor Yachts Large dual station motoryachts VHF Radio RS90 Transducer ForwardScan™ Transducer ForwardScan™ SIMRAD POWERBOAT SYSTEMS Simrad NSS evo3 displays and Glass Bridge systems place you in complete control of your cruising experience. Navigate confidently and safely with intuitive multi-touch controls, automatic routing, ForwardScan™ sonar, and...

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SPORTFISHING SYSTEMS Centre Console Single station sportfishers Helm Station Dual NSS evo3 12” or 16” Radar Broadband 4G™ Radar or Halo™ Radar Large Flybridge Large dual station motoryachts Radar Halo™ Radar Flybridge Dual NSS evo3 12” Digital Display IS42 Audio SonicHub®2 Autopilot Computer NAC-2 Echosounder Module S5100 Transducers SS175H-W + SS175L CHIRP Echosounder Module StructureScan® 3D StructureScan 3D Skimmer SIMRAD SPORTFISHING SYSTEMS Modular Simrad technology lets you create the perfect sportfishing system. Search deeper with the new high performance S5100 sonar module, wider...

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Small Runabouts, Bow Riders or Bay Boats Single station powerboats Transducer TotalScan™ Autopilot Simrad Drive Pilot™ NS SIMRAD RUNABOUT SYSTEMS Simrad GO chartplotter navigation displays are a perfect fit for runabouts of all types. These displays pair comprehensive navigation tools with a wide range of built-in cruising and fish finding sonar technology. With industry-standard connectivity, including support for compact and low-power Simrad radar systems, it's easy to integrate and accessorise to suit your needs.

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2018 catalogue - 6

GLASS BRIDGE NAVIGATION SYSTEMS NSO EVO3 Complete your ultimate boat with the NSO evo3, the ultimate navigation system. • Ultra-bright, Full HD 16, 19, or 24-inch display • E asy touchscreen control of your entire Simrad system • 1200-nit high-brightness, sunlight-viewable screen • Integrated quad-core processor for ultimate performance • L ow-profile glass helm styling • S ee more than ever with six-panel split screen option • C onnect with smartphones, tablets, and internet hotspots • W idescreen full HD monitor support • E asier installation with no separate black box • Customise...

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MULTIFUNCTION DISPLAY NAVIGATION SYSTEMS NSS EVO3 The Simrad NSS evo3 displays feature breakthrough touchscreen technology and an expanded keypad for ultimate control. • W idescreen SolarMax™ HD display • Reliable control in all conditions: switch seamlessly between multi-touch and a full keypad with rotary dial • A dvanced Fishfinding capability built-in supporting dual channel CHIRP transducers. • A dd StructureScan® 3D imaging, advanced Broadband Sounder™ capabilities and more via Simrad modules • E xpand your view with Halo™ Pulse Compression radar, Broadband 3G™/4G™, and other Simrad...

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2018 catalogue - 8

NAVIGATION DISPLAYS go series Get more from every day on the water with the Simrad GO series, a perfect fit for compact sportboats and dayboats. Expand Your View With Radar The Simrad new GO7, GO9 and GO12 are all full-featured radar displays with plug-and-play connectivity to Simrad Broadband 3G™, Broadband 4G™, and Halo™ Pulse Compression radar systems. Cruise confidently through crowded harbours, navigate safely in poor visibility, keep an eye on distant weather cells, and find flocks of feeding birds that hint at good fishing spots. Automatic tuning helps to provide a clear radar...

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2018 catalogue - 9

The Simrad R2009 and R3016 are dedicated radar control units with integrated 9-inch portrait/16inch widescreen displays, compatible with a range of Simrad radar solutions including Halo™ Pulse Compression, Broadband 3G™/4G™, and HD Digital Radar. An ideal safety and navigation accessory for offshore cruisers and sportfishing vessels, the R2009/R3016 offer versatile flush or bracketmount installation options and intuitive keypad based operation for reliable control in all conditions. The Simrad S2000-Series Fish Finder combines CHIRP-enabled 1 kW Broadband Sounder™ sonar with a 9-inch...

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Beam Sharpening technology delivers a more detailed picture, with improved separation of adjacent targets. Halo™ Radar (left) clearly resolves individual vessels and structures in a crowded anchorage compared to traditional 6kW pulse radar (right). HALO™ RADAR The revolutionary Simrad Halo™ radar makes it easier than ever to navigate safely, keep an eye on the weather, and find flocks of birds that mark the best waters to fish. Solid-state Pulse Compression technology lets you see both near and far at the same time, on a single screen, from a single Halo™ radar array. • Beam Sharpening with...

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