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More Than 40 Years of Experience ThyssenKrupp Technologies Company, is located in the port solutions and innovations have attained a worldwide reputation under the trade name Simplex- Compact. Based on our exper- shipbuilding field we have achieved a position as a market leader in numerous sectors for ship products, known for high standard in quality and reliability. tion of non-retractable fin stabi- lizers started already in the early 1950s. This was followed stabilizers. Since then B+V more than 500 Simplex-Compact fin stabilizers all over the world. optimal solution for a wide ran- ge of commercial vessels, like cruise ships, ferries and contai- Significant Characteristics International Patented Anti-Vortex-Tip Fairings equipped with anti-vortex-tip fairings to prevent energy dissipating cavitation. Thus: • increased lift • fuel saving. Flow-Off Recess flow resistance are obtained through flow-off recesses at Accumulator Supported Hydraulic System The hydraulic power units are to reduce size of motors and pumps. Thus: power supply • high dynamic system Rotary Vane Actuators By using a rotary vane actuator pletely free off unbalanced avoiding additional loads on the bearings ensuring high fin movement precision. The rotary vane actuators are of an extreme compact design, powerful and high reliable, ensuring that no moving parts are exposed to external dirt or A synchronously actuated tail conform to all relevant regula- tions given by the classification societies, national authorities and SOLAS. As well as compli- ance with the MARPOL 73/78 convention specifications.

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Research & Development During the last decades B+V driving force behind many breakthrough developments. Today we combine our long term experience with continu- market challenges of tomorrow. Moreover, expert knowledge together with special computer- aided real time simulation tools enable us not only to supply standard systems but also products fitting the individual customer requirements. 1998: First digital stabilizer control system control system Ultra High Lift - UHL Fin to increase the effective lift. Due specially designed tail flap, roll reduction efficiency is increased tail-flap...

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Dimension Table Peenewerft. Germany "White Rose of Drachs" Kusch Yachtagentur, Cassens GmbH, Germany HDW-Kiel, Germany Flender Werft, Germany "Pont Aven" Meyer Werft, Germany

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SIMPLEX-COMPACT ® Retractable Fin Stabilizer B+V Industrietechnik ThyssenKrupp 1. Issue 8.2004 B+V Industrietechnik GmbH P.O. Box 11 22 89 20422 Hamburg, Germany Phone: + 49 40 3011 - 1539 Fax: + 49 40 3011 - 1907 E-Mail: Internet: Copyright pictures: BVI, shipyards mentioned, Stephan Giesen, Ralf Niemzig Layout-Stand: 26.8.04

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