Smart Cell OCD CM Bilge Oil Content Monitors - 2 Pages

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Smart Cell OCD CM Bilge Oil Content Monitors

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15PPM OIL CONTENT MONITORS Ijff^ Smart Cell - MEPC 107 (49) The Rivertrace "SmartCell" oil content monitor meets the requirements of MEPC 107 (49) for monitoring of 3 oil types: Fuel, Diesel and Emulsions. By utilising the "SmartCell" Detector Array Technology, technology developed by Rivertrace, the OCM analyses all three oil types simultaneously without the A manual cell clean devise is included as standard to easily enable routine maintenance. Optical cell fouling is recognised as a leading couse of monitor malfunction or incorrect reading. By simple operation of the manual clean device, the "SmartCell" remains in optimum operating condition. Rivertrace continue to support a number of old OCD CM which met the requirements of the previous RTE offer worldwide support and service for all products including calibration facilities and consignment stock at key marine locations. Replacement calibrated measuring cells can be purchased for easy change over on board the vessel and calibration verification kits enable the crew to demonstrate the monitor is within factory calibration SPECIALIST IN WATER QUALITY MONITORING

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Concentration Indication: Alarm Operating Points: Alarm 1 Operating Delay: Alarm 2 Operating Delay: Alarm Contact Rating: Alarm Relay Mode: Fault Indication: Better than IMO MEPC 60 (33) De-energised in Alarm State Alphanumeric code Sample Temperature: Sample Flow: Sample Pressure: Clean Water Requirement: Output Signal: 0-20mA, 4-20mA (820 W max load), Projected Life (Electronics): > 50,000 Hours 2.25kg (stand alone monitor) 215 x 242 x 73mm (stand alone monitor) Supply Voltage: 2 models available 230V/115V AC & Supply Variation: ± 10% of Nom. Voltage Consumption: 10VA Max Alarm (stand...

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