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Sterntube Lubrication Sterntube Lubrication Oil Diagram (natural lubrication) A = Header tank with level alarm Sterntube Lubrication Oil Diagram (forced lubrication) A = Header tank with level alarm Sterntube Bushes Sterntube bushes have been part of our range of products Simplex sterntube bushes are, together with the SC 2 seals, a well-proven combination. Their quality and functional reliability delivered bushes. White Metal The standard bushes are made of treated cast iron and a white metal with a high lead/tin con- Special treatment of the inside surface of the cast iron bush forms the basis for a high quali- ty bonding of the white metal. Using a centrifugal process for lining the bush, a pore-free structure and more forceful entry of the white metal into the open graphite veins are obtained. Simplex sterntube bushes - lead-based white metal - is used mainly for merchant shipping. The bushes intended for vessels subjected to higher stresses, e.g. naval ships or icebreakers, (GGG-40) nodular cast iron/tin based white metal. High quality and fast production facilities. The standard version length of a bush is determined Classification Society. Bushes up

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Sterntube Bushes Quality Assurance The Simplex sterntube bushes with the rules of the respective together with the appropriate Every bush is ultrasonic-tested before shipment. A test certi- ficate will be supplied upon Simplex sterntube bushes can • Hydrostatic lubrication • Bushes with specific oil groove geometry (e.g. helical grooves) for twin screw determine various technical limit at liquid friction, transi- For this, the following technical • Shaft diameter, maximum supply or repair a complete set of bushes within a few working Example of temperature measurement B = Including 3 mm...

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