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Seal for Bulkhead Openings Where bulkhead openings for shafts are required to be water- tight to protect adjoining spaces against flooding, the Centrax bulkhead seal offers the opti- In an axially split housing made of aluminium which is mounted two segmented carbon rings which run directly on the shaft. tioned thrust ring ensure proper contact of the sealing faces on Radial and axial shaft move- trax bulkhead seal without any problem. There is practically no wear owing to the very good carbon rings. Aside from stan- dard design shown here there are special designs with greater radial and/or angular movement The Centrax bulkhead seal is a well proven product, in ser- vice with merchant and naval Seal for Bulkhead Openings (Gas-Tight) seal is required we can offer our Simplex-Compact bulkhead seal. forward Simplex-Compact seal. However, the two sealing rings face each other, thus acting as a barrier chamber which is This chamber is connected to the circulator a permanent lubri- cation and cooling is provided. This seal can also be supplied completely radially and axially For this seal the recess, pitch circle and outer diameters can required to pass shaft flanges, couplings, bearings etc. through

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