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The Flywave boards are designed to excel in the best breaks and never limit the rider regardless of how heavy the wave is or how hard the rider charges. The number one priority with the design is to maximize mobility without any compromises in looseness, precision of control. The efficiency of the Flywave boards also means you don't have to oversize them to get good performance in lighter winds. Yet, when more volume is required, the narrow outline of the Fly help it stay controllable and precise. The Flywave boards come with Mission front fins and Blacktip rear fins for ultimate control...

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Volume Length (CM) Width (CM) STANDARD FIN SETUP // OPTIONAL FIN SETUPS M= Mission fins BT= Blacktip " Flywave is the board of choice for sideshore oriented ground swell breaks. Exceptional mobility, both ultra-sharp and drawn out turns are possible. Flywave's forgiving stability provide riders of all levels to attack any section from any angle with ease and confidence. Flywave is the answer to towering board volume without sacrificing mobility, providing a serious performance upgrade so you can focus on letting your board do the work while you enjoy the ride."

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The Quantums are extremely easy, efficient and all-around wave boards with single fin-like mobility and liveliness. Loose enough to be quickly whipped around in small waves, fast enough to enable big jumps in any conditions and controllable enough to keep delivering when the wind and the waves get serious. The extra width is a shortcut to better wave sailing for the progressing wave sailor, but will also let the expert generate more power and speed from smaller or slower waves. Even in small sizes, the Quantums will carry big sails and still stay loose and efficient which means you will not...

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Volume Length (CM) Width (CM) M= Mission fins BT= Blacktip fins The Quantum is the wave board in the Simmer range that really brings alive typical European conditions, wind-swell type conditions. It has great speed and drive due to its flatter rocker but also the ability to do some some incredible snappy turns. Which is why the Quantum is the first board I reach for when things go a bit average out there, as the Quantum brings the the best out of average conditions."

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The Simmer Freewave is a high performance board that offers a fun and effective ride in a huge spectrum of conditions. It is equally good for blasting on a lake as for busting jumps and riding waves. The Freewave is a easy board to sail, which makes the perfect choice to get into wave sailing with. It can also be tuned to perform in more radical conditions. The Freewave is designed to work with a variety of fin setups and is delivered with a freewave single fin and a tri fin set. With a single fin, the board is a classic freewave performer with a perfect blend of liveliness and smoothness...

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Volume Length (CM) Width (CM) Fins (MM) 2 x BT13 + 1 x BT15 or single Freewave 26 4 x slot box + 1 x US box 2 x BT14 + 1 x BT17 or single Freewave 30 4 x slot box + 1 x US box STANDARD FIN SETUP // OPTIONAL FIN SETUPS " The Freewave is as versatile as any board can' be. Offering multiple fin configuration options, you can easily adapt to a diverse set of environments. I use this board blasting Kanaha with the single fin' setup in the morning then at Hookipa in the after- noon with the tri-fin setup. The Freewave is super fast and easy to use in a wide range of conditions."

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The Frugal is a new style of waveboard, inspired from recent development in the surfing world. If you have been looking in envy at how world class surfers can adapt between different turning styles and how they can use so many different parts of the wave, the Frugal is your solution. The Frugal is an extremely reactive board with a tight turning radius. It responds very sensitively to the riders input and can put you in places on the wave that you just can not reach on a traditional wave board. The Frugal is a versatile board which can be tuned to perform well in all conditions from onshore...

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Length (CM) Width (CM) Fins (CM) STANDARD FIN SETUP // OPTIONAL FIN SETUPS " The Frugal also responds very well to fin tuning. With dominant rear fin(s) like a twin setup, a quad with bigger rear fins or a tri fin with the center fin a few centimeters bigger than the side fins, the board becomes more traditional in feel, with added control and more pivot off the back foot. Great for lots of wind or fast waves and cross off. With dominant front fins, like a quad with bigger front fins (standard) or a tri with similar sized fins the board becomes drivier but stays loose and carvy. A great...

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With the Simmer Freemove, we have taken some extreme concepts and com- bined them to create an extremely all-round and versatile board. The rocker is a super fast freeride version of the low drag curves that we developed for our Fly Quad and Freewave boards. Combining the thin deck shape with the boxy rails, the board delivers excellent acceleration and high top-end speed, while still maintaining control and balance. The performance-oriented rocker and rails are combined with a versatile, wide and curvy outline. Together with the carefully constructed v flow a good degree of lift is...

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Volume Length (CM) Width (CM) Fin(CM) " Perhaps you remember the first time you ever planed on a windsurfing board: the exhilaration that makes you still love windsurfing. When designing the Simmer Free- move, the number one objective has been to give you a taste of that feeling every time you sail. Whether drag racing with friends, looking for that 30 knot peak on your GPS or nailing that high speed jibe, the Freemove will provide the performance you dream of with amazing ease. It will forgive your mistakes, but still challenge you to improve. The Simmer Freemove is a concrete incarnation...

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The Monster is a high performance freerace board designed for the real world rider. The concept is basic: control = speed. The boards are designed with x-step hull construction, this divides the board into three sections. FRONT SECTION The front section is designed for early planing. The deep V-section in the middle pushes air underneath the hull, lifting the board into planing. MIDDLE SECTION The mid-section is designed to absorb the energy from choppy water, allowing the rider to go faster in average conditions. BACK SECTION The back section is designed for high top-end speed by...

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