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Our Chief board shaper, Ola Helenius keeps astonishing us with his clear-cut understanding of board design. All year long he's been working on our new freemove boards, going through numerous shape details and combining them into the all around and extremely versatile freemove board. We've had a lot of fun developing these freemove boards, drag-racing with each other, speed checking using GPS, going on long distance missions and so on. The result shows; we're convinced that we have the most complete freemove board on the market. The key to its success is instantaneous acceleration and high...

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Our production methods focus on quality and consistency, rather than trying to make as many boards as possible. This results in a much higher quality product, with a more accurate and con- sistent shape once the board is removed from the mould. With no need to refinish or cover up any imperfections, we can stay focused on each board's structural integrity throughout the production process. Our process, along with the innovative Carbon X principle, produces a board that feels more custom made than production when it hits the water. The Carbon X construction applies similar principles as...

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Highly awarded sail designer and Chief Designer at Simmer Style since 1996. Tomas first started designing the camber induced sails for Simmer back in 1992, after finishing 6 years on the professional windsurfing tour. With more hands-on experience of design and manufacture than anyone in the industry, Tomas not only maintains the high quality standards embedded in the Simmer Double Wake logo, but continues to raise them. With his obsessive pursuit of perfection, Tomas is the driving force behind the board project. Ola has 20 years of dedication toward understanding the theory behind what...

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The Flywave boards are designed to excel in the best breaks and never limit the rider regardless of how heavy the wave is or how hard the rider charges. The number one priority with the design is to maximize mobility without any compromises in looseness, precision or control. The efficiency of the Flywave boards also means you don't have to oversize them to get good performance in lighter winds. The Flywave boards come with Mission front fins and Blacktip rearfins for ultimate control and looseness. The board can be tuned toward a drivier feel and even better mobility with the Icon rear...

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Swallow tall The Quantums are extremely easy, efficient and all-around wave boards with single fin-like mobility and liveliness. Loose enough to be quickly whipped around in small waves, fast enough to enable big jumps in any conditions and controllable enough to keep delivering when the wind and the waves get serious. The extra width is a shortcut to better wave sailing for the progressing wave sailor, but will also let the expert generate more power and speed from smaller or slower waves. Even in small sizes, the Quantums will carry big sails and still stay loose and efficient which means...

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The Simmer Freewave is a high performance board that offers a fun and lively ride in a huge spectrum of conditions. It is designed to work with a variety of fin setups and is delivered with a freewave With a single fin, the board is a classic freewave performer with a perfect blend of liveliness and smoothness whether blasting, turning or jumping. With the dedicated tri fin surf style fin kit the board becomes a powerful fast wave performer that combines amazing upwind and planing performance with an ability to handle waves from small onshore slop to serious sideshore overhead lips. » Fast...

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With the Simmer Freemove, we have taken some extreme concepts and combined them to create an extremely all-round and versatile board. The rocker is a super fast freeride version of the low drag curves that we developed for our Fly Quad and Freewave boards. Combining the thin deck shape with the boxy rails, the board delivers excellent acceleration and high top-end speed, while still maintaining control and balance. The performance-oriented rocker and rails are combined with a versatile, wide and curvy outline. Together with the carefully constructed v flow a good degree of lift is provided...

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The new Simmer/mXr boards are easier to ride at high speeds and therefore faster for most riders. Our concept is simple: control = speed. The step hull design provides a more comfortable ride at high speeds and therefore allows a wider range of riders to excel. The unique step hull design absorbs chop which effectively gives the rider added control even in open water. During the devolopement process many record speeds have been logged The boards can be ridden with long and short fins alike. The botten shape is designed so it releases the water flow-running underneath the board, this put...

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The Simmer and xMr collaboration is founded on common passions for quality, performance, ease of use and above all the love for windsurfing. The mXr design team is one of the major players on the custom speed board market and the founders Martin van Meurs and Ron van den Berg have many years of experience when it comes to shaping and building high-end speed boards. The main objective with the Simmer / mXr freerace boards is to create a user-friendly design. These boards aren't designed for a top 10 world cup rider, they are designed for the real world customer who wants a comfortable yet...

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The cross steps divide the board in three sections. FRONT SECTION The front section is designed for early planing. The deep V-section in the middle pushes air underneath the hull, lifting the board into planing. MIDDLE SECTION The mid-section is designed to absorb the energy from choppy water, allowing the rider to go faster in average conditions. BACK SECTION The back section is designed for high top-end speed by minimizing drag. FRONT CROSS STEPS These cross steps are pointed forward. The front steps mark a clear break with the middle section and release the water flow. This helps to...

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