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Catalogue 2007 - 2

Simmer Style Windsurfıng 2007 2007 marks 26 years of commitment to the evolution of the high performance windsurfing. Our commitment to quality and performance continues. Relying on our worldwide team of top riders, the perpetual process of ideas, improvements, prototypes and testing have once again produced the highest quality surf sails and gear for you. This gear designed and built for sailors by sailors. Before the gear gets to you it is put to the test and proven in every condition Mother Nature has to offer- big surf, no surf, light wind, strong wind; and waters warm, cold, fresh and...

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Catalogue 2007 - 3

SIMMER STYLE EXCLUSIVE StftetcA Conîitût SuAtem SEPARATING OURSELVES FROM (j THE REST SYSTEM SUMMARY- First introduced in the Simmer 2003 Wave and Freestyle lines, the Kevlar stretch control system has become a fundamental part of all current Simmer designs. The Simmer Sails Stretch Control System creates a framework of ultra low-stretch Kevlar tendons throug- hout the sail body to eliminate foil distortion caused by uncontrolled cloth stretch. WHY DO WE WANT TO ELIMINATE CLOTH STRETCH? Because cloth stretch causes the sail to distort away from its original, intended shape. The primary...

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Catalogue 2007 - 4

'Sufljettiûti Ptwdujct CHECK OUT THESE DEFINING ' FEATURES OF SIMMER STYLE SAILMAKING KEVLAR STRETCH CONTROL TENDONS -comfortable sail handling in a huge wind -ultra light and many times stronger than standard clew grommets STEP LEECH OUTLINE -creates neutral trailing edge (reduced drag), and promotes smooth progressive 2PLY DACRON HEAD SECTIONS -incredibly durable, soft and easy to roll 2PLY DACRON LUFF PANELS -for maximum durability and soft feel MULTIPLE THREAD PATTERN AND THREAD COUNT X-PLY FILMS -low stretch, long life material for main panels puts strength where you need it WEBBING...

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Catalogue 2007 - 5

RIDER : K EITH TEB X-FLEX OUL PHOTO : DARRELL W ONG Built To Last Side Shore Wave Sail The all X-ply body paneling plus ”ever-clear” PVC window of the XFLEX creates a side to side-off shore surf sail with a combination of smooth feel and the best durability of any sail in our collection . Smooth feel, Pumpability, Focused Power Point and a ”quickly neutral” handling characteristic make the XFLEX the sail of choice for riders looking for top performance and a the higest level of durability in gnarly surf conditions. XFLEX is also an excellent choice for lighter/smaller sailors in any...

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Catalogue 2007 - 6

VISION is the high performance wave sail of choice for experienced riders. VISION shares the same outline and draft design as XFLEX- the difference is the body panel materials. VISION main body panel material is tough 7-mil monofilm. The monofilm gives VISION a light, quick and direct feel, and also provides a large viewing area through the sail when riding in the surf. Lightness, Pumpability, Focused Power Point and a "quickly neutral" handling charac teristic make the VISION the sail of choice for riders looking for top performance and a direct feel in "go 7 mil monofilm body panels with...

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Catalogue 2007 - 7

BoavíAta, CapW/íde As far as things go with surf adventures, you never stop learning about places and what they have to offer under different conditions. The time I spend in Cabo Verde seems toyeild a tremendous amount of rewarding experiences. The commitment to finding new spots is the drivingforce behind much of what I do these days. We are so fortunate to be in this time period where one can accuratley see whats coming on the maps and take action. In the spring of 20061 took part in an epic adventure ARE COMING UP began a note left for me as I found my way to bed and instantly dreaded...

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Catalogue 2007 - 8

RIDER: VICTOR FERNANDEZ PHOTO: MASNUS PETERSON Ño úmlÍA WonidWtck, Wm/eSaÉ An instant international best seller- the ICON is the sail for most world wide wave sailing conditions. ICON excels in sideshore and onshore conditions, riding small to giant surf, and soaring huge jumps. Full draft and moderate boom length provide plenty of power to move and effortless handling in super powered-up conditions. All X-ply body panel construction gives the ICON the durability you need to go for it with confidence even if the nearest repair shop is several time zones away. Full X-ply sail body...

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Catalogue 2007 - 9

OfiA/mnB Wm/e gtufa Action, Maximum MonM/wweii The most powerful wave sail in our line up, the legen- dary CROSSOVER is the sail of choice for maximum power, speed and mobility in onshore surf or flat water bump and jump sailing. Owning multiple test wins and world-wide popularity, the CROSSOVER is a proven and popular performer. The full, powerful draft profile of CROSSOVER will give you plenty of speed and control to get moving, carve hard, and jump high. Strong and lightweight, the CROSSOVER handles beautifully in a wide wind range and is built to last. 7 mil mono film body with X-ply...

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Catalogue 2007 - 10

RIDER: MATTEO GUAZZONI XD Xpress Yourself If you are ready for modern freestyle tricks beyond all limits, the XD will take you there. The XD is an uncompromised top of the line competition oriented freestyle sail, built to perform, and to last. The full, powerful draft profile of XD gives you plenty of low end power to get you planing quickly. The high cut foot and relatively short boom of XD make the sail easy to handle in transitions and rotational tricks. Large X-ply body, foot and perimeter paneling make the XD a sail built to last through the heavy demands of modern freestyle...

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Catalogue 2007 - 11

Enter the world of High Performance Windsurfing. The SPARK is the best choice for sailors who want to have fun on the water and build a solid founda- tion of fundamental windsurfing skills. Up-hauling, water starting, planing, up wind sailing, jumping, tacking- all the basics of high performance wind- surfing are easy to learn on the SPARK. The SPARK features all the best that Simmer Style designs have to offer- light weight, durable construction, smooth power and easy handling. The SPARK is an entry level performance sail that will get you fired up 5 and 7mil mono film body panels, X-ply...

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