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two component high solids pure silicone finish for high performance fouling release system PRINCIPAL CHARACTERISTICS - Mass density Volume solids Recommended dry film thickness Theoretical spreading rate Overcoating interval Refloating time Shelf life (cool and dry place) non toxic fouling release coating reduces the vessel's fuel consumption wider application window and enhanced smoothness contributes to minimize the environmental footprint darkred, darkblue (other colours on request) - gloss (data for mixed product) SUBSTRATE CONDITIONS SYSTEM SPECIFICATION - for New Buildings or spot/full blast, SigmaGlide 990 should only be applied - as a re-fresh coat, SigmaGlide 990 can be applied over itself or SigmaGlide 890 in line with PPG Protective & Marine Coatings SigmaGlide General Working Procedure - previous coat; dry and free from any contamination - substrate temperature should be above 5°C and at least 3°C above dew - maximum relative humidity during application and curing is 85% - relative humidity should be above 40% marine system sheet: 3127 In order to achieve optimal performance from the SigmaGlide system, the individual SigmaGlide products must be applied in strict accordance with the minimum specified dry film thickness and also with the PPG Protective & Marine Coatings SigmaGlide General Working Procedure. Please consult PPG Protective & Marine Coatings for details of the application procedure which has been prepared to the best of our knowledge and in accordance with World-wide application best practices in order to ensure optimal workmanship and application results. Marine Coatings

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE mixing ratio by volume: base to hardener 80 : 20 open drum just before use stir base well before use for 5 minutes add hardener to the base and stir well again for at least 5 minutes no thinner should be added all equipment must be thoroughly cleaned prior to use and before re-use with other materials, to prevent contamination overspray on paint which will not be recoated with the SigmaGlide 990 should be avoided as much as possible Induction time none AIRLESS SPRAY Recommended thinner no thinner should be added Nozzle angle from 35° to 60°, depending on nozzle orifice...

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Worldwide availability Whilst it is always the aim of PPG Protective & Marine Coatings to supply the same product on a worldwide basis, slight modification of the product is sometimes necessary to comply with local or national rules/circumstances. Under these circumstances an alternative product data sheet is used. Explanation to product data sheets see information sheet 1411 Safety indications see information sheet 1430 Safety in confined spaces and health safety Explosion hazard - toxic hazard see information sheet 1431 PPG Protective & Marine Coatings' General working procedure for...

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