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High-performance, engineered siloxane - lowering total operational costs Marine Coatings Bringing innovation to the surface™

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PSX® 700 High-performance, engineered siloxane - lowering total operational costs PPG Protective & Marine Coatings (PPG) is a world leader in protective and marine coatings. Our global capabilities and respected protective coatings brands enable us to provide our customers with exceptional products, performance and service. Our proven and trusted products protect a wide range of assets for the most demanding markets and environments, including: • Civil Infrastructure • Marine • Mining • Offshore • Petrochemical • Power • Rail PSX® 700 High-performance, engineered siloxane - lowering total...

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PSX® 700 - 3

PPG’s innovative technology proves that you do not need a three-coat system to obtain the optimum corrosion resistance of a zinc primer and an epoxy midcoat, along with the long-term gloss and color retention of conventional aliphatic polyurethane. Now, with only one coat of zinc primer, plus one coat of our breakthrough PSX 700 you get performance equalling, or surpassing, the finest three-coat systems available today. Our unique system uses patented engineered siloxane components delivering the excellent adhesion, toughness, corrosion and chemical resistances of epoxy siloxane. In...

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PSX® 700 - 4

FACTOR 1 - unsurpassed performance FACTOR 2 - significant cost savings PSX 700 offers a longer service life than the traditional epoxy/aliphatic polyurethane system it replaces (see Table 1, Service life projection). And when combined with a zinc primer, the two-coat system significantly outlasts the best three-coat systems (zinc primer, epoxy midcoat, and polyurethane finish). PPG’s PSX 700 siloxane-epoxy coating delivers dramatic, proven cost savings. Use one coat of PSX 700 to replace a conventional epoxy/polyurethane topcoat system or use PSX 700 over a zinc primer to replace a...

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PSX® 700 - 5

FACTOR 3 - outstanding environmental characteristics PSX 700 meets, or exceeds, today’s stringent environmental, health and safety requirements due to its formulation of ultra-high solids and extremely low-volatile organic compounds. It also needs little or no thinning, providing significant reduction in solvent emissions and hazardous waste. • Airports • Bridges • Heavy equipment • Manufactured products • Marine topsides and superstructures • Offshore platforms • Piping • Structural steel • Tank exteriors • Wind turbines Importantly, unlike polyurethane, PSX 700 does not contain hazardous...

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The standard in high performance coatings PPG’s patented PSX engineered siloxane technology represents an entirely new coating category, offering unprecedented improvements in performance and durability. PSX 700 is an exceptional example of this technology and offers a combination of characteristics available in no other product. Table 5: Chemical resistance (24-hour exposure) ISO 2812 (Splash/spill resistance of PSX 700 compared to an epoxy mastic and a conventional polyurethane) PSX 700 Epoxy mastic Conventional polyurethane Table 4: Abrasion resistance / ASTM D4060 (1 kg (2.2 lbs)...

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PSX® 700 - 7

Typical systems using PSX 700 System-1: Zinc epoxy based Zinc epoxy Engineered siloxane Zinc silicate Engineered siloxane Epoxy mastic Surface tolerant epoxy Engineered siloxane System-2: Zinc silicate based Zinc in compliance with ISO 12944. Features and benefits of PSX 700 engineered siloxane Unsurpassed performance Superior color and gloss retention PSX 700 significantly outperforms the polyurethane system in color and gloss retention. A traditional polyurethane method begins to lose its color and gloss at an exponential rate after five years of application, whereas PSX 700 has been...

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